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Also, been getting several email questions about WHICH WF Nutritional Guidance is most important during this Upa Guru Corona visit.

Easy:   it would be ilg’s EARNED SUSTENANCE PRINCIPLE!

WF Earned Sustenance Principle
First Introduced:  1982
WF Discipline:  Nutrition
Intent:  Staying grounded/Weight Management

This Principle is absolutely huge!  The c(om)mon sense methodology is;  if we haven’t EARNED our calories?  Do NOT over consume them!!!

GONE are the days of our Ancient Ways when we scrambled down sandstone rock cliff faces toward a meager creek, 2 miles and 800′ vert away, and back UP carrying precious (yet heavy) awkward-to-carry water!

GONE are the days of our Ancient Ways of doing what it took to farm, to fashion Animal-killing weaponry, and then, to stalk, run, chase, fight, and if successful?  Gut and Clean and Bring Back to the Tribe/Family our hard-earned and Sacred Kill!

GONE are the days of our Ancient Ways of felling our Sacred Tree Beings, then chopping Their precious corpses up with sadly inefficient, yet Sacred hand-hewn tools to make FIRE!

Upa Guru Corona is gonna test ALL OF US in our mastery of managing the feeble two feet (?) between our food-holding hand and our mouth.

When it c(om)es to your feeble teacher of no-thing since 1981?

When it c(om)es to Nutrition during this Blessed Visit of Upa Guru Corona?

Do NOT EAT MORE CALORIES THAN THY EXPENDS!  if possible.   Or?   at least, stay away fr(om) high caloric foods and re-Prioritize the Sacred Herbs of SUNRIDER, the Sacred Supplements of BodyHealth, and the Sacred Molecules of ASEA!

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