4/18/20:  Schneider Park through Overend Mountain Park,  Durango, CO –
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M(om)ma Amber (41) and Austin (12) Blake drillin’ it instead of chillin’ it this morning on Durango’s first ever Virtual 5k Trail Race!
  Are YOU gonna toe feeble ilg’s next Virtual Race!?!?  
A historic first of two days of Virtual Trail and Peak Racing is in the books for Durango!   16 racers spaced out over a bluebird (foreshadowing) day to test their foot-upon-Mother Earth mettle on my first of two challenging courses over two days.  All responded beyond positively about the Course, the markings (thanks again, Dewa!), the scenery, and surprisingly, the Bluebird Flour Course Markings – were strategically placed – seemed to work their Medicinal Blessing… gotta say,  it was beyond Awes(om)e to see all the smiles and receive and give the (astral) hugs!    Reckon we’re onto something here, aren’t you?   Shelter In Place Policies or not? Today we found out by direct experience?  Virtual Racing is FUN!   
Early next week, Official times, results, and all awards will be delivered contactlessly.   Special thanks to Wholistic Fitness® Master Student Caroline “Kavik” Eastburn for spreadsheetin’ all the Chi-spreadin’!!!  
Can’t wait to see what tomorrow’s uber-challenging 11k Peak Race pans out with the 5k lactate building in our legs as i write these words!   THIS IS WHAT FOCUSED FUN and SACRED SWEAT IS ALL ABOUT!!!    THANK YOU!!!!   Stay Tuned…
Here are a few images and quotes from a few of you today…my weekly vLog (published each Monday on YouTube) will have much more and likely?  Footage of you!   Why not visit Steve Ilg on YouTube now,  hit Like, Subscribe, and the grey Notification Button so you’ll know exactly when ilg publishes!   
Godspeed tomorrow, and as ilg’s Zen Teachers taught ilg many decades ago?  WATCH THY STEP!   
head bowed,
coach steve ilg 
creator/rd WF Virtual Racing 
Screen Shot 2020-04-18 at 5.31.21 PM
Joy Kilpatrick (aka; M(om) of kickass kid of all time; Dewachen Ilg) counterbalances her amazing 5k effort with s(om)e yoga at Schneider Park…
“Thanks for doing this. The course was a lot of fun: just hard enough without going overboard. I would absolutely do this again, even if we weren’t socially distanced. Having an event that I can just “drop in” to a normal run at my time and on my schedule is pretty cool.  Thanks for putting it together, and it’s good to get in touch with you again, even if it is distanced!”
– Bill Hickam   (43 M,  25:20 Unofficial/Did Not Register)
“Yeah! It was super fabulous! Thanks for marking sticks and holes.”
– Maggie Yount ( 23:25 Unofficial/Did Not Register) 
(Two pending Guinness World Records; 37:29 for 10K and 19:08 for 5K while pushing a stroller) 
Screen Shot 2020-04-18 at 5.31.53 PM
Daddy David Blake runs beside precious daughter Alexa (9)
“Steve!  i LOVED the course!!  Thank you, again!”
– Lauren Aggeler, 16, 30:16
(State Podium MTB Racer for DHS)
Screen Shot 2020-04-18 at 5.32.24 PM
This Precious One?  Might just get the Warrior of the Day Award;   Charlotte Lenssen (54) who ran through chronic hip pain to post UP, WAAAAAY UP!!!
“We NEED to do this EVERY MONTH!” 
– Dewa Ilg, 12, 28:10
(Regional Level Nordic Ski Racing and XC Running athlete) 

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