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pic of Daddy and Dewa last summer at Gudy’s Rest on the Colorado Trail.  Background is the Junction Creek drainage, feeble ilg’s childhood backyard.   This weekend’s race will take place in my current backyard;  Overend Mountain Park (aka; Test Tracks) 



BODYHEALTH Supplements, SUNRIDER Herbs, TAILWIND Endurance Nutrition, TRAILS 2000ZUBBERFIZZ Natural Soda’s, VEO Sweat-Diverting Strips, ilg’s WHOLISTIC FITNESS and HIGH PERFORMANCE YOGA!  Special Thanks to Jon Livingston/Durango Herald for the shout out!




Q:  i assume there will be no Aid Stations?

A:  you assume correctly 😉  this is a self-supported event.   the 5k goes by quickly;  i’d just hydrate before and after.  the 11k will require a longer effort; perhaps a hydration vest like the one’s pictured above;  due to the technicality of the South Rib descent,  you might wanna have both hands free to negotiate the sandstone cliff band drop in!


Q: do i need to start at a particular time?

A:  yes!  whenever you choose! :-)   a couple of things to consider;   Temperature and Wind.   both days will hover near 60 at early afternoon, yet that is typically when Brother Wind begins dancing;  forecast says up to 20mph gusts.   


Q: i’m scared of the South Rib descent after watching your vLog featuring it…

A:  it’s Go(o)d to be viscerally afraid;   it helps boost immunity and neutralizes the psychologic stresses of CoronaGuruji!  no one is gonna die or get hurt;  just watch your step (don’t wear music playing devices;  peak running requires yogic sustained focus!), breathe soft, relax, and?  if the drop-in is too scary?  there is no dishonor to DNF to c(om)e back and fight another days when your mental/physical skill sets have strengthened!


Q: shoe choice?

A:  5k;  probably get away with a cross-country spikeless shoe – which would be awesome for the opening uphill mile+, though a light trail shoe will allow you to really open up the hips on the long Ella Vita descent and the pavement finish!   i’ll wear my Skecher’s Performance SPEED TRL and Dewa will probably go with her Asics SCRAM-4. 

the 11k is trickier. you’ll want an aggressive lug-depth for the peak ascent and descent, yet, your fastest time will be made on the opening miles along the ART and through Old Dump Road/Dog Park…hmmm,  which do YOU feel is your priority?  fun tactics!  makes this 11k more like nordic skiing; which wax is going to work most efficiently over the entire Course?   if you wanna be a nerd about it;  you COULD leave your aggressive trail shoes at the end of the paved Tech Center Road for a transition (not responsible for stolen shoes!)!   i’ll likely wear my SPEED TRL’S yet wearing my Altra KING MT’s not out of the question either.  


Q: will there be age divisions?  race results?   course markings?

A:  sure!  don’t know what they’ll be yet, so race your heart out as if there were none!  race results will be posted here on my blog.  please bring a phone so you can check Course Descriptions unless you’re solid in the knowledge!   do NOT count on Course Markings,  although, for the 5k, Dewa and i may head out later today (friday) to mark a few turns for y’all, not a promise tho.  


Q: do we have to self-time and take a pic of our finishing time and email it to you?

A:  only if you want an Official Time and perhaps qualify for a prize.   if y’all like this Virtual Racing notion,  we might turn this into a Series, so having an Official Time is important in such a scenario!


Have FOCUSED FUN out there and remember: obey ALL COVID-19 SAFETY MEASURES and TRAFFIC LAWS!    And, in lieu of an actual start instructions and guy,  i’ll take this time to have you recite the Traditional Mountain Runner’s Racing Creed:   

repeat after me:

“If I get lost,”

“If I get injured,”

“If I die,”

“It’s my own damn fault!”





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