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Namah Noble Durango Sangha!

this site is functioning as Virtual Race Headquarters!

THANK YOU AGAIN for Toeing ilg’s Start Line!

All THREEE of my races this weekend Friday’s 10k  (not even) MTB Race,  Saturday’s 5k Race, and Sunday’s 11k Double Peak Challenge?!??!  are all FREE!    thanks to ilg’s and our local sponsors for AMAZING Awards to the Winners:

• Tomsic Physical Therapy (local)
• Zubberfizz Natural Soda (local)
• Tailwind (local and international sponsor of ilg)
• Durango Trails 2000 (local)
• Sandra Lee’s  www.fundme.com/f/navajo-nation-covid-19-food-drive  instead of a Race Entry!   Please!
• Sunrider Whole Food Herbs (international sponsor of steve ilg)
• Bodyhealth Supplements (international sponsor of steve ilg)

interested in sponsoring ilg’s FINAL Virtual Race?   lmk!

my 5k Runner’s Race Course Description is below – READ/STUDY CAREFULLY!    DO NOT expect Course Markings!

Virtual Race Methodology;   Study Race Course,  choose when on Saturday you want to race,  Start your Time at the Stone Schneider Park Monument about 25 yards north of the Roosa Ave/9th Street Bridge intersection.   This monument is your Start/Finish Line!    OBEY ALL Traffic Laws and COVID19 Protocols at ALL TIMES!   You are either racing SOLO or with FAMILY!   If overtaking another?  SHOUT out, “COMING THROUGH!”   and create 6′ of space while passing when possible.   same rule applies to oncoming pedestrian traffic.   strange times.   at the Finish, take pic of your watch against the Stone Monument and send in your race data to:
any pics/comments post to steve ilg’s FB and/or IG social

race results and prizes will be c(om)municated via email or at www.WholisticFitness.com

steve ilg’s WHOLISTIC FITNESS® Virtual Race Weekend #1!

SATURDAY’S 5k Course Directions:


Start:  Touch the stone Schneider Park monument just north of the Roosa Ave and 9th Street Bridge.  Start your watch.

  • Run north up Roosa
  • first left onto Avenida del Sol – pace yourself! the first 1.25 miles are uphill!
  • past Manna straight up to Ella Vita Ct
  • left (south) over the Trails 2000 footbridge at the end of the cul de sac
  • single track connector for 80 meters to a gravel pedestrian path on your left; the path goes straight west and uphill
  • gravel pedestrian path t-bones after an abrupt headwall into the Old Landfill Road.  turn right (north)
  • up the Old Landfill Road until it flattens out at the Old Landfill site.  look left (west) for a shale ridge with a trail it; this leads to Hogsfeet trail take it.
  • after the short but steep uphill ridge, go right (north) onto the Hogsfeet trail. this undulating single track crosses 2 bridges and up the “zig zags” overlooking the Old Landfill from the north.
  • stay on Hogsfeet to the intersection with Hogsback Trail (Trails 2000 sign).  Turn right and enjoy your first downhill section past 8 Bells trail on your left (another Trails 2000 sign)
  • stay on Hogsback Trail to its intersection with Browns Ridge at another Trails 2000 sign in an open shale area known as  The Hang.
  • jump onto the Ella Vita Trail for some world-class fun descending  on single track ALL THE WAY down, across another, larger footbridge to the valley.
  • turn right (southeast) from where the single track blends into a double track which continues downhill and brings you back to the original Connector trail; over the footbridge and onto the pavement of Ella Vita Ct, past Manna, and to the Start/Finish Schneider Park stone monument.
  • Take a picture of your time if possible with the Stone Monument and message it to me at 818-590-2922 or email to:  steve@wholisticfitness.com

WTG!   hope you enjoyed your Wholistic Fitness® Virtual 5k Race!   please send any pics,  comments to my Facebook or IG!

head bowed,

coach steve ilg
race director

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