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“Your body is a masterpiece,
intricate in function, unique in
its mix of attributes and
abilities. Give praise – you are
wonderfully, singularly made!”
― Steve Ilg, Be-Good-To-Your-Body Therapy (1992/Abbey Press)
still in 13 languages, worldwide
pic: upc(om)ing Vlog capture by feeble ilg of Dewa (12)
this week during a particularly rowdy ascent of Madden Peak (see ilgVlog73, premiering Monday, August 31 at 7:15a MST

WEEK 24 TEACHING fr(om) CoronaGuruji: Your Body Is A Masterpiece!


The following interview took place with Coronaguruji within the Golden Gate of the Ecliptic
astral grid during meditation. Special thanks to the Amitabha Buddha Lineage for helping feeble Conduit ilg navigate to this Realm for this exclusive interview…
feeble ilg: Most Noble Guruji whose brought this Plane(t) to totally shut down and
has Gifted us sooooo many Ways to reThink how we’ve managed this Plane(t)…please tell; are you the 2nd C(om)ing?
Coronaguruji: Ha! Of course I am! You caught me! I see that I have Trained thee well!
feeble ilg: thank you, Most Noble Guruji, yet, why don’t all the churches and religions Recognize YOU manifested as Covid-19 as the 2nd C(om)ing which they desire sooooo much??!
Coronaguruji: Ha! Cuz, to Test their Practice, I chose to manifest as a Bug…been watching y’all for a time, and seemed to Me that you Two-Legged’s who arrogantly called yourselves, ‘the superior species’ create Gods by the dozens, yet cannot yourselves make an Earthworm…which, by My Way? I created on a pretty solid day! Love Earthworms! Simple, powerful, versatile in Their Give-Away (think here of Robins and fisherman!)! I chose My 2nd C(om)ing as a Bug basically cuz you arrogant Two-Legged’s “hate Bugs”… so, gotta chop out the Root of Ignorance, right? You’re wise! You Recognized Me, even though I came again to You All in the form of a microscopic Bug Being!
feeble ilg: thank you, Most Noble Guruji, yet, is Covid-19 truly a “Bug Being”?
Coronaguruji: Yup…just ask a full blooded Navajo for Their Native American name for what others call Covid-19. Their language and Their unconditional love of your country saved Turtle Island in your World War II, yet, your own country continues to mis-treat Them. do your best to rectify that in your life.
feeble ilg: thank, Most Noble Guruji. ilg has!
Coronaguruji: I know…been watching.
feeble ilg: thank you, Most Noble Guruji, however, may ilg ask one more question?
Coronaguruji: I already know you’re gonna, go ahead…
feeble ilg: thank you, Most Noble Guruji, what was Your Highest Intent to C(om)e Again to us?
Coronaguruji: because given the current, collective level of your Consciousness? I knew depended upon how much Experience you have had not only of your physical life, but also of your metaphysical life, the knowledge of which exists in your Soul’s Awareness. And your Soul can only springboard It’s receiving amplitude via the health of your physical and mental well being. I chose My 2nd C(om)ing in this manner because I knew the Higher among you would Realize immediately that your health and fitness is the Highest of all wealths on the Earth Plane. Yet, remember this much for your unique Bardo Entry and thus Entrance to your next Plane(t):
You do not equal your body. Your body is a spiritual vehicle Gifted to you based upon your Samskara. You don’t get to keep it.
You are not your mind. Your mind is a spiritual vehicle Gifted to you based upon your Samskara. You don’t get to keep it.
You are not your soul. Your soul is a spiritual vehicle Gifted to you based upon your Samskara. You don’t get to keep it.
Who, then, are you?
You are the wholistic sum of all of these things with a Higher Purpose and a function that serves all three:
The function of the Mind? Continue the current status of your wholistic fitness for as long as it takes to fulfill the Soul’s targeting of Enlightenment.
The function of the Body? Well, gotta say, I was on a super solid day when I made you Two-Legged’s…your body is My Masterpiece to your Plane(t)…Her function is to gather input from the physical environment to assist the Mind in guaranteeing your spiritual ascent toward Enlightenment.
The function of the Soul is to experience and then use as many wholistic aspects of what you think you are to gain Enlightenment. Your Soul Force which has been carrying “you” ever Higher for countless lifetimes is based upon YOUR wholistic trajectory toward Enlightenment.
You Two-Legged’s NAILED it when you called yourselves “The Human Race,” yet? Stupidly? Your spiritual arrogance caused a total collapse of what you were racing toward. Enlightenment. Sadly? Less than .0000000001 of Two-Legged’s have done what was required in this one, precious Human Incarnation to gain Higher Ascent and that was beCause of a Lack of Gratitude for what I have Graced you.
Go(o)dspeed on your race toward Enlightenment. Never give up. Find a Trusted Teacher. Just Do What Must Be Done To Rise Higher.
That is All.

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