Most Noble Sangha,


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so, last Saturday, i guided Dewa (12) up Mt. Elbert, Colorado’s highest peak at 14,433’…

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we ran up, up, up…endlessly up…She summited in 2:16.   reckon y’all can only imagine how special, how sacred our summit felt to Her young cells.  i’ve taught Dewa the wisd(om) of never lingering on high mountain peaks.  we began running down, literally passing hundreds of pilgrims making their own journey toward the mountain top.  many were very encouraging, most were inspired – if not astonished – at the speed of this little girl flitting past them – masked – Her lithe, muscular body springing from rock to dirt to rock again.  Fighting quad cramps on the steep, arduous descent, Her round trip time was 3:55 – making Dewa the 2nd fastest woman under 19 years old in the ascent and descent, according to Strava.

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during the drive fr(om) Leadville back toward our precious hamlet beneath the Sacred Peak,  we shared easy Dharma gifted to us through the Divine ethers of Elbert’s lofty Prana…

one of my Running Guru’s;  YouTuber Seth James Demoor (please subscribe to his Channel as well as mine!) did a vlog on Love Language … in the C(om)met section of that vlog,   i wrote:


feeble ilg’s Love Language is Sacred Sweat. Through my books, my fitness and yoga teaching, in my social feeds and even as a single father, i’ve always taught that Sweat is in fact, Sacred. i consider it ‘holy water’ for when we sweat, we move the intellect into the backseat and allow the graces of the physical body to come up front. Love is the greatest (un)common denominator of the human species. There is a saying, “Hills make all men brothers,” that is, when we Sweat together, are not different from one another; we are One. head bowed,

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