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“The winds are the whispers of nature talking to us.
–  dewa ilg (12)
 8/2/20 after a new PR on Deadwood Peak (11,971′)
pic by ilg: Velocity Basin as seen from the east during Friday’s Peak Running workout with Dewa. 
see the entire GoPro footage on this week’s ilgVlog68
WEEK 21 TEACHING fr(om) CoronaGuruji:   Corona As Shatkarma


Shatkarma (Sanskrit ) are yogic purification techniques as outlined in the “Hatha Yoga Pradipika.” These  cleansing techniques keep the body strong, clean and healthy. They remove toxins and blockages which might inhibit, disturb, or restrict the flow of prana in the body.
Consistent practice of the shatkarmas internally purifies the body which makes pranayama and meditation practice easier by preparing the body to perform such practices without distraction, discomfort or fatigue.
your feeble Teacher of no-thing reckons that Coronavirus can be seen as a planetary shatkarma.  A badly needed cleansing manifested fr(om), well, human avidya -(spiritual ignorance/darkness).  Gotta admit our precious Plane(t)’s rivers, oceans, mountains, and sky has certainly healed over the past several months of deeply reduced human use and abuse of Mother Earth/Father Sky.   So too has the Planet and Mineral Kingdom,  Feathered Kingdom, and the Four-Legged Kingdom.
Perhaps Earth’s Wisd(om) has produced this 2nd C(om)ing of Higher Consciousness to
get us engaged in our own Cleansing Rituals, our Shatkarma practice!
If you need guidance in establishing your Shatkarma practice,
you know where to find your feeble Teacher of No-Thing!

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