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Parkour at 12,400’+; 4 Peaks/2 Hours w/Dewa!

what a Sacred HONOR it was to – after nearly 15 years – revisit my old h(om)etown of Santa Fe with Dewa
and just SLAM the CHI across 4 of ilg’s once go-to high peaks in just over 2 hours!
most memorable m(om)ent…
nearly 60 year-old ilg and 12 year-old daughter come across
two 20-somethings in full on yuppie gear with their asses puckered up at the Knife Edge section….
“mind if we scuttle past?”….
YES!!! SUPER STOKED tonight!

below are our stats… you can allWays follow ilg’s antics on Strava.com

my Vlog next week will gift ya’ll s(om)e crazy beautiful
and scintillating footage of this workout!


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