pic:  coach ilg in, uh…hold on, lemme TAF about This; Ardha Salabha Pincha Maurasana …. did feeble yogi ilg miss s(om)ething?  let ilg know in the c(om)ments below….


Dear Coach Ilg,

You are the only one I feel can reach out to… my Dad who was a Student of yours in the late eighties at Farentinos Gym in Boulder, asked me to reach out to you.  I understand through him that you self-healed a paralyzing spinal injury….

So,  about three weeks ago,  I was cranking alongside my Mountain Bike Club teammates when spontaneously a teammate threw down a tabletop off this weird rock-log combo and?  Dude, augered the landing and went heels-over-head…  a lot of weird sensations since then.  Up and down my spine.   What would YOU do?   My Dad thinks I need an MRI.

Scared but still strong,




Dear Warrior D,

So many starting out on their spiritual journey, only looking for an escape from suffering. You are not one of those.  You contacted feeble ilg who has travelled through and Risen Higher than the typical; Take Drugs To Dull The Pain/Get Surgery and?   The whole result?

NO SPIRITUAL TEACHING has been gained!   

So quick to default to surgery equals not knowing that their greatest suffering is on the way.

This lifetime or the next!

The physical pain pales in comparison to the emotional horrors which lie within…underlining…Fear of Death!

And it takes the utmost emotional courage to face it.

But if one is really serious about realizing the truth of Self, he will gladly rise to the challenge, he will face this decomposing of self, knowing that freedom lies ahead….What a trip!!!!

Surgery cuts waaaay deeper than flesh;

it severs karmic/samskaric pathways which many of us have been rising onto Higher for lifetimes…

will send you my Stream Entry Meditation.  Practice it daily for 7 Days.  It will most likely vent the conflicted energetic paradigm raging within your cells right now.

After 7 Days of Faithful Practice,

update ilg.

Love Is There Is!

head bowed,

coach ilg

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