Steve Ilg’s YouTube Video link:

Premiering Monday, December 7, 2020 at 6a MST!


under 12-minutes; treat you to my Crew Leaders’ insider look at Durango’s acclaimed “Sky Steps” and then s(om)e technical laps up my backyard mountain; Hogsbag, which will be pivotal virtual racing terrain as i Toe the Cyber Start Line of Aravaipi Running’s “MERRY VERTMAS” wherein an international field of outdoor athletes attempt to rack up as much Vert as possible between Dec 1-25! All feeble ilg knows? Is? never done this before and it’s only 12/6 and my legs are toast! Can I hang on!??!! Please cheer your feeble teacher of no-thing by your c(om)ments! Check my progress at https://outandback.com/ search: Merry Vertmas age group: 50-59

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