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feeble ilg and my other competitors in the international Merry Vertmas Race (Dec 1-25) are likely ALL wishing for the same holiday gift as ilg!    currently have ascended over 55,000′ vertical feet since Dec.1 and feeling it.  edgy.  small shit bugs me. seems like Murphy’s Law is ilgs shadow.  probably about 145 lbs right now.  yet,  thanks to the WF Practices and Nutritional wisd(om) and s(om)e clever wholistic racing tactics along with crazy crew/family support !??!   my nearly 60 year-young body is Toeing The Start Line each day with recovered eagerness for more.   i’climbed almost twice the height of Everest, and my cells are stalwart and sound.

tomorrow is the release of ilgVlog88;  Vert Flexing…

it will be published at 6a Monday 12/21 and i really hope you make the 12-minutes to watch, Like, Subscribe, and Comment.  Sharing the ilgVlog would mean everything to me.  i work hard on them to inspire you (and ilg!) ever Higher,  ever more Whole…. especially during these trying Kali Yuga times!    here’s the details:


Video link


12 1/2 – minutes…as feeble ilg struggles toward the AG Podium of “Merry Vertmas” – an international vertical gain competition from December 1-25 – you are invited along to learn my wholistic approach to tactics and techniques for racing everyday for nearly a month.   I’ll take you trail running in snow, ski-mountaineering, and stair running…What’s not to love!?!  THANK YOU for your Support!  head bowed, spirit vowed…onward, upward, and? Endlessly inward!



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