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pic by WF Master Student Kavík of Daddy and Dewa in shock after eff’ing up their locked and dialed in Overall Win at the KNOW THE SNOW RANDO RACE by going off course not once, but TWICE and losing nearly 15-minutes.  The Dynamic Duo still s(om)ehow managed to finish 7th Overall…  big Dharma Teaching day!

Race Day 2/2: From FIRST to…well, 7th…Daddy and Dewa eff’d UP!

First EVER SkiMo/Rando Race for Dewa (13). ilg’s function was as chaperone. SHE CRUSHED the uphill section in 38-minutes! Ripping Skins was okay; pretty fast Transition, then? Needed to let Dewa lead the Ski Down so She can learn. End result? She took TWO wrong turns and we lost nearly 15-minutes and dropped from FIRST at the Uphill Transition to 7th. BIG LEARNING DAY and? That’s what early years of racing are intended. Gotta say tho? Dewa is pretty PISSED OFF and ilg kinda fears for ANYONE that wants to race the Short Course next year, my lil’ Lady is OUT FOR REVENGE! :-)

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