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pic:  Dewa Ilg (13) still crushin’ to a 2nd Overall Ladies (4th OA) in Saturday’s Coke Race#3 (Open Division; 5k) after falling and breaking her left thumb…Yoga was first Transmitted on a battlefield (by Krishna) and the first Yoga Student (Arjuna) was a soldier in a civil war.   Learning to sustain focus on our goals – even during intense suffering – is yoga.  The whole story will be documented on ilgVlog96 at  Steve Ilg YouTube Channel … make SURE you are SUBSCRIBED and hit the grey Notification Bell!  



It’s hard to keep up with this precious Rinpoche Daughter who s(om)ehow, for s(om)e Higher Reason,  chose an old, rapidly aging skier/climber to C(om)e through… yet?  She did and the Ride has been nothing less than spectacularly SACRED!

Since last July?  Dewa (then 12) has not missed a Podium regardless of Age Cats (She often competes in the -18 Cat tho She just turned 13 in September) in the following sports and distances:

•) Peak Running (Kendall Mt. 13-Mile with 5k of vert to over 13,000′)
•) MS Cross Country Racing (where She won the Overall once and podium’d all other races)
•) Nordic Ski Racing with Durango Nordic – not one podium missed
•) SkiMo Racing (1st Place, Short Course; Chapman SkiMo #1)
•) Nordic Biathlon (1st Place, 4k),  Pagosa, CO
•) Nordic Triathlon (1st Place, Youth Team Division),  Durango Nordic Center.

of course, we had several more Nordic/Winter races to contest before giving Her a well-earned Decompression Period and slow reBuild to Spring Track Racing.

Well?  as the saying goes,  “If you want to make God smile?  Make a plan!” 

Dewa’s decompression has been moved up.   S(om)etimes?   Injuries (known as Inner-Juries in WF Online Study) often prioritize recovery, healing, and Appreciation before we personally may think it needed.

Send a C(om)ment to Dewa!   She’s hurtin’ yet never complaining of a season-ending Inner-Jury.

folks think ilg is tuff?

nope:  This Precious Rinpoche with world-class Grace and Grit?

Continues to embody, embolden, and Transmit Her feeble daddy’s lifework at a FAR HIGHER LEVEL than this feeble ol’ mountain yogi could even IMAGINE!





Arjuna and Krishna?

are Smiling fr(om) Their Enlightened Plane(t) right now…


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Blessed Be Thy Sadhana…


head bowed,
spirit vowed,

coach ilg 


2 Responses to “Dewa Gets 2nd Place OA Ladies @ Coke 3 5k…After Falling and BREAKING Her Thumb!”

  1. Autumn Lerner says:

    Way to go Dewa! Happy healing, sending love.
    — Autumn

  2. coach says:

    Dewa: “Awwww, that’s VERY sweet of you! Thank YOU!”

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