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pic by Joy Kilpatrick during a Pre-CoVid era when ilg still held Wholistic Fitness® Tribal Gatherings in such rad places as Red Mountain Resort, UT where this pic of ilg in Visvamaitrasana was taken in Snow Canyon (note;  no snow falls in  this Snow Canyon).   



Noble Sangha,

ilg honestly forgets when our Higher Deities  chose to Transmit and Channel “my” Medicine Spider Yogic Inversion/Backbend Ritual.   gotta be 20+ years by now.  all’s ilg is sayin’?   if ilg has NOT personally Taught and Transmitted this precious Wholistic Fitness® Temple Teaching,  well,  welc(om)e to ilg’s bending like a Willow Being to the forces of Kali Yuga whereupon?   You now gain access to this Teaching free of charge on my weekly Vlog.


ilg only prays that you Subscribe, Like, and Comment.   ilg’s Temple of WF is once again attempting to adapt to the new tech and, if you are NOT familiar with any of ilg’s YouTube Channel content over the past 100 weeks?    strongly empower Thee to do so asap… it’s once again,  a super positive, inspiring wellspring in an ever-accelerating cyber desert of egoic illusion.   stay grounded on the internet by supporting, Subscribing, Liking, and Commenting each week on my Vlogs.   getting close to offering either Patreon or Membership support to keep WF not only surviving, yet thriving on the Internet.


Releasing Spider Medicine® into the cyberspace is like a father willing to set His oldest son free into the unknown terrain of young adulthood.    Remember,  ilg’s body of work has been bastardized so often by so many that ilg is just now relying on the yogic tenet of,  “All Karma is God!”   you listening crossfit!??!!  (ilg will share THAT story, plus many more on the Vlog in the time ahead IF you choose to support ilg on YouTube.)

honestly?  to hold the pace of other Content Creators on YouTube?  ilg needs some $$$ to get the right equipment.   let ilg know if you can help.

so,  enjoy the Spider Medicine Ritual,  comment below with questions and PLEASE SUPPORT Steve Ilg’s YouTube Channel!    It’s where ilg is relocating our Precious Temple since waaay before the internet was created.

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