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In case you’ve haven’t heard from any of the actually cool sports?   American #girlpower just got a huge shot in the arm with far more potency than the CoVid pharmaceuticals… yeah,  talking about the HISTORIC FIRST EVER NORDIC WORLD CUP OVERALL WINNER none other than the chronically bubbly blonde hailing from Minnesota…


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… JESSIE DIGGINS!  (You know, the same Jess Diggins who won America’s FIRST EVER GOLD MEDAL in the last Olympics with Alaskan Teammate Kikkan Randall)?   It’s s(om)etimes funny to ilg that there is a lot of energy on the internet about Female Empowerment and GirlPower,  yet?  How few actually realize the depth and daily injection of CHI FORCE that Females across  Mother Earth produce?   Dewa is of course a big fan of Jess.  It’s actually been clinically proven IMPOSSIBLE not to like – if not adore – this icon of positivity wh(om) is all-Ways ready to Stand UP for solid causes.  She’s spoken out about Her fight with body image/eating disorders.  She’s on board with #protectourwinters and is ever eager to sign autographs, answer questions, and put Her fans at ease about failure.

Yup,  said it.  The “F” word.

Privileged to have spent ilg’s entire life around and even sometimes healing, coaching, or even c(om)peting with (well, okay,  so,  maybe not WITH,  but in the same race/event??!) world-level athletes across many sports.  As Dewa continues to enjoy and contest various sports,  the dharma of Failure has been long topics discussed between Daddy/Daughter.   Dewa, a natural wholistic athlete,  has seen much success in Her young life already.  Also, solid Fails.

It’s the FAILS that TEACH.

It’s the FAILS that MAKE or BREAK the Jess Diggins fr(om) the WannaBe’s.

Feeble Daddy has Taught this to Dewa and will Share it with Noble You, as well;  it’s HARD to ENJOY the PROCESS when?  You are NOT c(om)mitted to a HIGHER GOAL!

Cases in point;

• i just uploaded my 100 weekly Vlog on YouTube.  That was a benchmark given to myself, before quitting the Process.   It’s been a hard pull, yet?  I reckon if you have seen any of my weekly Vlogs?  You can tell that ilg was enjoying the Process.   Sure,  LEARNING was HUGE bout Vlogging.   Yet, had a Goal and it made the Learning more fun.

• Recreational fitness athletes are the HARDEST to coach.   Why?  They don’t have a c(om)petitive goal!   Reckon soooo many recreational fitness warrior/ess’s Fail because?  Their GOAL was not sacredly infused within their Atman.  Hard to enjoy the Process of getting fit when your Anahata Chakra (Heart Center) is not HOOKED UP to a HIGHER DREAMSPEAK!

• Watching, Serving, CareGiving for my own M(om).   91 years-old and?  My own M(om) is NOT enjoying the Process of Aging, of well, yeah, call a Spade a Spade:  Dying.   Yes, trust ilg,  have spent many hours attempting to provide a Goal for Her…and?  Succeeded in the sense that I Transmitted our Lineage’s Blessed Mantra which She memorized and knows to invoke when the m(om)ent arrives when She feels She can’t take another inhale…  (We’ll ALL arrive at that Bardo Entry m(om)ent;  trust YOU know YOUR Start Tactics for the next Realm when that next Blessed Inhale doesn’t arrive!).   

• Those focused on Enlightenment (The TOP STEP OF THE PODIUM FOR ALL HUMAN BEINGS BORN INTO THE HUMAN “RACE”) – inevitably appreciate, sense, and FEEL Everyday Sacredness far deeper than the Non-Practitioners.   See my book;  THE PRANIC JUNKIE for more.


The Key?

Is Failure.   Again, we learn little fr(om) our Successes.  Often?  Success breeds ego.  Failures diminish ego.  If you want a BIG ANCHOR as your Atman attempts to RISE to a HIGHER INCARNATION after our Learning on Spaceship Earth has been fulfilled?  Then?  Cave into ego-building.  Just go on fortifying those layers of SELF-IMPORTANCE; the fancy cars, homes, money, clothes, status, Outer World power…  ha!     ALL of that backfires when your Atman inevitably hits the Remorse Stage of the Bardo…  more on that later…


We’ll close with a quote from Upa Guruji Jessica Diggins of the (formerly) United States Of America:

“Ultimately, I think it comes down to this, 

who you are is determined by how you lose,

not how you win.”



head bowed,

coach ilg



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