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Pic by Charles who beat quite fairly his 34 year-older chaser over 4 hours and 4,000′ vertical feat to become the Champion of Colorado’s arguably most challenging Ski Mountaineering (SkiMo) Race; the Tellurando at Telluride Ski Resort….your feeble teacher of no-thing gave Brave Heart, Lung, and Injured Legs, yet, came up as the First Loser…  C’ La Vie…


okay,  y’all are gonna be GLUED to this week’s


what you c(om)e here for?  is the Tribal back story…


ilg’s 91 year-old M(om) – to wh(om) – ilg is Primary CareGiver…

had an episodic emotive meltdown hours before ilg was supposed to leave for this world-class suffering event on sponsorship dime (THANK YOU to my long time sponsor and former employer; PINE NEEDLE MOUNTAINEERING – Jeremy- and to Wholistic Fitness® and Steve Ilg You Tube Channel angel:  Steven Hilt  -South Carolina- for stepping up and believing in this OLD mountain goat!  ilg would NOT have made such an impression on all the Young Guns at this High Altitude Torture Test of Ski Skills and Endurance if it were NOT for Jeremy and Steven!) yet, after knowing that ilg’s M(om) was safe and provided for by ilg’s Marge Support Crew,  ilg drove to T-Ride to Toe The Start Line with “Sacred Anxiety” of the many challenges ahead…


okay,  so you’ve watched the Vlog this week…

back story is that the two racers who “won both 2nd – ilg’s actual placement – and 3rd – not only cheated the Course once, but twice, but also, worked together as a TEAM in a race that was by official website language;  limited to SOLO’s ONLY; NO TEAMS.

go to Tellurando Race Results; Rec Course and sure enough, you’ll read that ilg finished an outside 4th.

not true.

as ilg hinted at in this week’s Vlog?

ilg not being Recognized after a HUGE 4 hour EFFORT up and down and across all the Race Organizers paltry Course Markings, Descriptions, and Officiating to a Silver Medal?

gotta LET IT GO!


• ilg’s sponsors BELIEVED IN AND SUPPORTED FINANCIALLY ILG to contest this prestigious event.

• ilg did his best to follow ALL Course Markings (very hard given the terrain and speeds), and got penalized because of it

• ilg’s sponsors $$$  still went to support a super positive cause…

• all of this is a First World Problem…

• ilg will WORK with the Race Organizers to provide a FAR MORE solid race in the years to c(om)e so when Dewa toes this Start Line!??!
She will NOT have to deal with crap like this!


head bowed,

spirit vowed,


still a fighting fish in a Kids Fishing Pond…


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