It Ain Over….yet!

Published on May 09, 2021 by in ilg's vLog


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top pic;  screen capture fr(om) ilgVlog 108 which publishes Monday, May 10th, at 6a MST at Steve Ilg YouTube Channel
bottom pic;  by Chad McCluskey of Dewa in-flight training for Her final race as a MS athlete this Tuesday at 4p,  Escalante MS, Durango, Colorado.  Full coverage of this race and all her MS races across several sports at Steve Ilg YouTube Channel


ilgVlog108: SkiMo, Track Racing, Shoe Review!

Video link

15-minutes – Vlog opens with spring SkiMo’ing with Dewa into my final First Impression of DynaFit’s new carbon-plated trail running shoe; the Alpine.  Then, Dewa travels to Pagosa Springs, Colorado with her Escalante Eagles teammates to compete in the 110m Hurdles, 1600m, and her first-ever 200m! 

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