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Wildflowers bloss(om)!   (5)
Sacred Snow? Now, sacred streams!  (7)
Waterfalls within!  (5) 



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chose to end Week One of new Kendall Mountain Race training block with another high alpine run after yesterday’s 4-hour crush of 12,496′ Silver Mountain with Dewa (see my social media!).  legs felt surprisingly springy and lungs felt as big as Alaska!  REALLY FEEL like my reliance upon M.I.G’s Collagen Elixir has unconditionally ramped up ALL of ilg’s regenerative powers when it c(om)es to ligaments, tendons, muscles, hair, and nails.   Collagen IS the most ABUNDANT PROTEIN found in the Two-Legged Body, and just like Sunrider Regenerative Whole Food Herbs and Bodyhealth Organic Supplements and of course, the ReDox Signaling Molecules of ASEA?   this M.I.G Collagen Elixir is the TOTAL B(OM)B for unconditional joint, limb, and skin regeneration at a level sooooo intense?  You’ll feel it IMMEDIATELY!

interested?   text ilg at:   818 590 2922  and just put COLLAGEN into the Subject Line and ilg will hook you up with up to 40% savings thanks to ilg’s M.I.G Affiliation;  they even created an ilg-inspired Launch Pack to get you started!


head bowed,
all-Ways HIGHER!
until and beyond Enlightenment!


get OUT and DO

so as?

to BE!!!!


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