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pic by Dewa (13) of this precious Purple Fringe crushing it during a beyond-extreme drought plaguing southwest Colorado’s high country;  She took this pic at just about 12,000′.



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what ilg’s Father’s Day workout (with Dewa) at age 59 looked like…on Strava.    follow steve ilg on Strava.com to see precisely ilg’s training… 

Most Noble Sangha!


the very M(OM)ENT ilg was suddenly informed that ilg was gonna be a father at an old age (NEVER planned ilg’s footloose and fancy free life to be an actual ADULT with RESPONSIBILITIES)   ilg began internally mapping out a wholistic introduction for instigating the love of nature for the Chi-ld that chose this ol’ mountain/rock climbing and ski bum to c(om)e through.

ilg has steadily made conscious parenting choices and adventures available for you via this forum and most of all through ilg’s social media and most deeply through ilg’s Vlog, which has published high quality content and unique WF Teachings every WEEK for over a year.

“Don’t burn her out,”  “Make a palette of wholistic choices for Her, let HER decide which ones rise to the top,”  “Present,  never push,”   such were among ilg’s many self-made parenting maxiums over the past 13 years.

well, what we – Dewa and Daddy – shared on this Father’s Day?  was nothing short of a day-long shard of Enlightenment…

5:45a departure fr(om) RiverPad

1:15 hours and 32-miles later, starting at 10,000′ at Champion Venture in ilg’s chi-ldhood backyard d(om)ain of the Junction Creek drainage, we began running with ski poles up the Colorado Trail.   MANY YEARS EARLIER, ilg had already planned this ambitious agenda to summit two 12,000’+ peaks in the same workout into Dewa’s early teen years after previous progressive peak runs and monitoring Her enthusiasm, fitness, and joint stability.  Her Chi!?   Well,  She’s a Wild Horse incarnated, so, the Chi is not a challenge.   She is All-WAYS ready to GO HIGHER, HARDER, FASTER.   ilg’s job?  rein Her in!  pace Her!

within 30-minutes of running uphill we reached the infamous Sliderock section of the Colorado Trail whereupon one slip could send one tomahawking down 1k of vert down the sharpest-edged rock known on our precious Plane(t)!    ilg has trained and raced both on foot and on mountain bike this section well over a dozen times and?  well,  just stay focused is and was ilg’s advice to Dewa on this bullet-blue Father’s Day workout!   Sliderock section done.  Treeline to the famous Old Muldoon Mine.  Made it there well under an hour including taking time to get Vlog footage (enjoy!…ilgVlog 115!).

sky high over Muldoon Mine on the sexiest ever south shoulder of Cumberland is when things got crazy lovey!

a high snowfield beginning receding under our constant upward progression toward the 12,388′ summit of Cumberland.

Dewa, between heavy breaths,


“Yes, Baby Girl?”

“Will we be able to see this snowfield from the summit?”


“Okay, then stop and sit right here,”

“Um, okay…”

“I have your Father’s Day gift for you… hold on,” 

“Oh, Baby Girl… i told you i don’t need ANYTHING from you…”

“Sit down, and shut up, Dad…”

feeble ilg’s entire life has been pretty much shaped, molded, and springboarded fr(om) d(om)inant females…ilg knew the correct answer,

“Yes, M’aam…” ilg replied not sad to recline into a couch of Larkspur, Alpine Buttercup, Kings Crown, and Alysium…with the effort put forth thus far, c(om)bined with the fragrant, wildflower performed, oxygen depleted air?  ilg easily could have remained fetal and slip into a bliss-intoxicated deep sleep…


is when ilg’s Daughter handed to ilg an origami folded note…

“i kinda felt like this place would be the best place for your Father’s Day gift…here you go Daddy, i LOVE YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!” 

ilg stared at this amazing folded piece of artwork…stunned by the colors and the encrypted; “Happy Fathers Day, DAD!”  which adorned the piece…

ilg looked at Dewa…tears, already streaming…

“Oh GAWD, Dad,   let me unfold it for you…”

the high altitude wind ripped at the paper as She unfolded Her creation…

“Babe, don’t let,”

“I won’t let the wind take it, don’t worry, Dad!”  She was all-Ways finishing ilg’s thoughts and feelings…

note:  you are seeing Her note unfolded, several thousand feet lower and several hours later not the wind-whipped version  She handed to Her daddy so far higher than wherever you read this now:    


Screen Shot 2021-06-20 at 9.18.19 PM

study closely;  She handed this to Her feeble daddy at very nearly the EXACT SPOT where She researched online the ascent up Cumberland Mountain!  though She had NEVER been here before,  She drew the exact image of what ilg was looking at!    to make it all more miraculous?  that long ridge leading to a gentle, yet high overlooking summit?   that would be our 2nd Peak run of the day;  Kennebec Peak!


ilg means?




life raising a Rinpoche during Kali Yuga totally blows up in Divinity on this most precious Father’s Day…





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pic;- Daddy and Dewa absorbing the vibe at Durango Hot Springs Resort after another Sacred Sweat during Week 3 training bloc for Kendall Mountain Half Marathon…
 head bowed,
spirit vowed,
follow the Temple Teachings at
steve ilg YouTube Channel…
and mostly?

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