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ilgVlog112;  Kendall Mountain Race Bloc Begins! 

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17 minutes –  Oftentimes?  Your first workout of a new Training Bloc?   Sets the entire TONE for the energy and resultant success of a race!   Join Dewa and myself as we reset and animate our next goal;  Get Dewa on the podium of one of Her father’s most successful yet brutal mountain races;  the Kendall Mountain Half-Marathon!  This is gonna be hard, fun, and spiritually rewarding for ALL of us!   C(om)e!  Click Subscribe and join ilg’s crasy wisd(om) parade since 1981!    More podiums across more sports than any other Path;  Coach Steve Ilg’s Wholistic Fitness®!     

There simply is no other content on YouTube like Steve Ilg’s YouTube Channel!   Each weekly Vlog will leave you with a deeper understand of Wholistic Fitness®, a smile on your face, a new wonder in your heart, and a proven arrow in YOUR spiritual quiver as you aim and shoot ever HIGHER in this precious incarnation!    


Blessed Be Thy Sacred Sweat!  Get out and DO so as….to BE!   THANK YOU FOR COMMENTING, SHARING, and SUBSCRIBING!   Onward, Upward, and ENDLESSLY INWARD!   

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