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ilgVlog118:  RACE DAY!  Kendall Mountain 1/2 Marathon! 

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19 minutes.   

OH BABY!  Kendall Mountain Run was Dewa’s PEAK “Peak” Race of Her dryland season (us skiers’ term for what others might know as spring/summer/fall :-) and it served as a vital “B” race for my Wholistic Fitness® Student Amber for her “A” race … the Imogene Pass Race this September.    Super rad was Dewa’s M(om) – Joy Kilpatrick racing her first ever Kendall 11k and getting a AG Podium!    Dewa interviews WF Master Student Kavik’s AG Podium Defense in the grueling Silverton Alpine Marathon!  To ANYBODY who has been following this Vlog for the past few weeks (let alone years) these Warrioress’s performances and results??!  Proves once again, the beautiful intelligence, intuition, and experience of Wholistic Fitness® since 1981!  Oh yeah, you also get a free MTB ride of ilg’s own created new reRoute on Meadow Loop in Horse Gulch which ilg nicknamed, “Annie’s ReRoute”…

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