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BONUS VID! 7-minutes; Sabrina Stanley’s 2021 Hardrock 100 repeat “W” – I just let the GoPro roll and a WHOLE LOT OF DHARMA and inspiration streamed off this inspiring Goddess of the High Peaks as she Kissed The Hardrock and finally stopped moving after 27-hours! I’ll have a LOT more on my weekly Vlog including interviews and footage of Sabrina and her pacer, the amazing Avery Collins, plus exclusive interviews with Defending Men’s champion; Jeff Browning and this year’s Hardrock’s Rookie Of The Year; you know him, you love him, Dylan Bowman and an interview with the Father of the Hardrock 100; Dale Womack himself! I publish every Monday at 6a MST from Durango, Colorado. SUBSCRIBE! THANKS!

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