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Looking at about 6 1/2-minutes… A sparky Coach Ilg speaks directly about the history, product integrity, and science behind one of his longest-lasting sponsors (3 decades!) BodyHealth® Supplements and WHY YOU SHOULD REALLY consider trying a 6-month experience on them! Coach points to only a few of the dozens of products and why! As global soils deteriorate to the point where ‘natural foods’ have zero potency and maybe even harmful, it’s beyond past time to get on board with America’s Original Outdoor Athlete and 2x Cover Athlete/Coach of OUTSIDE Magazine and learn his 4-decade proven path of podiums across more sports than you have probably ever even tried…at age 60? Listen wisely, young one; Coach imparts pivotal possibilities to YOUR years ahead in terms of wholistic fitness, sport performance, injury prevention, and cellular empowerment.

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