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Most Noble Mountain Athlete Friends,

You may not realize it, yet the Motorized Outdoor Rapists are at it again, this time trying to increase their winter abuse of the sacred high snows which fall seductively upon Grand Mesa
where so many of us Nordic athletes take early season pilgrimage to ski countless beautiful k’s before race season kicks in.   It’s sickening to feeble ilg how those who are too afraid to sweat use their bottomless pockets to lobby to gain more precious land to rip their snowmobiles across, sometimes chasing Elk Beings already fatigued from rutting season and trying to save calories to survive another high country winter.   Lynx Beings are behaviorally distrurbed and thus endangered by the loud whine of polluting snowmobiles.  How many times this winter will SAR have to use resources and endanger their own lives rescuing yet another stupid snowmobiler from self-starting an avalanche?!
head bowed,
sacred sweat spirit vowed,
coach steve ilg
native durangatang
818 590 2922


To Whom It May Concern,

I am a native Durangoan and a Nordic Ski Coach after an ongoing lifelong athletic career which saw me to 7 World Championships in 5 different sports.  I am the only 2x Cover Athlete of OUTSIDE MAGAZINE, and the author of THE WINTER ATHLETE plus 8 other outdoor performance books.  I have a Weekly Vlog and have skied at Grand Mesa my entire life and need you to listen close because my daughter’s generation and their kids depends on your Wise Discrimination right NOW!

Please correct the Winter Travel Map so that the entire Skyway, County Line and Ward systems should be classified as “Oversnow Vehicles Prohibited Seasonally.”

Alternative C miscategorizes the current usage of the eastern part of Ward ski area. It’s way beyond important to me and my daughters generation that the Ward ski area remain non-motorized for winter use.

Alternative D categorizes the Skyway and County Line systems as a combination of “roaded natural” and “Semi-Primitive Non-Motorized.” This alternative contains the greatest area of “Semi-Primitive Non-Motorized” classification in our trail systems, and is the one I prefer.

Alternative D is my preferred option for winter travel. The classification of “Semi-Primitive Non-Motorized” allows the greatest area of non-motorized use, and the designation gives more potential to expand our non-motorized trails in the future.

The GMNC trails are lifeblood to self-propelled mountain athletes who honor and consider sacred this precious mesa.  It’s becoming far too easy for far too many people to simply “throttle it and TEAR IT UP” over lands that pivot upon silence and Two-Legged respect for the wild animals and bio-environmental health and continuance  of this land.

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