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pic; 3 Letter, 2 sport DHS Freshman Dewachen Ilg (14)  after setting a FKT on Centennial Peak  (13,067′) in preparation to represent Durango High School at the 2022 National High School Trail Running Championships in Salida, Colorado on July 30.  photo courtesy, steve ilg.
Blood. Tears. Miles of pain..
And?  A whole lot of what her father famously terms, “Sacred Sweat.”
Child of a stage and movie star mom (Joy Kilpatrick, SAFEHOUSE with Patrick Stewart) and a dad whose been called “The world’s fittest human,” (Ultra Cycling) and “America’s Outdoor Athlete” by 2x OUTSIDE MAGAZINE Cover Athlete/Coach/Author, Steve Ilg – a Durango Native – Dewachen Ilg was raised in the internationally renown system of Wholistic Fitness® which her father created out of Boulder, Colorado in 1981.  “Unlike my Dad whose best childhood friend was a wolf named Apache and spent his pre and teenage years just running around the San Juan National Forest with no real purpose?  Every one of my workouts have been structured – wisely – by him.  Sometimes?  I wish I had more unstructured workouts, but?  He really incorporates a LOT of wild fun into my training,”  says Dewa who will test her father’s wholistic training Saturday, July 30th in Salida, Colorado at the National High School Trail Running Championships.
Seems like her coach/father has her training dialed in;  Dewa who Lettered in Track, XC, and Choir as a DHS Freshman coming in from the strict academics of her father’s alma mater, St. Columba where he still coaches their MTB program at age 60, Dewa’s race results coming into Nationals seem solid.  She took First Place Overall in the 12k Durango Skyline Trail Race by Aravaipi Running on May 4th even beating pro athlete Marissa Asplund by several minutes.  Then, Dewa took a FKT (Fastest Known Time) on Centennial Peak before absolutely crushing a 2:36 effort at Kendall Mountain Run which was a 11th Overall Finish for all females and a 3rd in the 20-and-under Category at the age of 14.   “My dad – whose had like 25+ finishes at Kendall – wanted to use Kendall as an anchor event before tapering for Nationals.  I trust him,” said Dewa after finishing a 30-mile road bike ride with her father during their recovery week.
“We’ve already traveled to Salida and checked out the Nationals Course together,” said Coach Ilg, “I like Dewa for the course, even as a rookie/freshman.  There’s only two significant climbs and about 40 meters of fast downhill techy stuff.  We’ve mimic’d the Course pretty well here in Durango and feel confident.  We’re planning on hitting up the Course one more time so Dewa can run it at Tempo at the same race time so she knows the sun angles.  Podiums hide in the details.”
Coach Ilg has documented the journey of Dewa’s National effort on this YouTube Channel and will provide race footage and results.  When asked what she loves best about Trail Racing, Dewa responded without hesitation;  “When I race trails I celebrate my Dad’s trailworking efforts as a Crew Leader for Durango Trails and just release into the beauty of what I love most about trail racing;  wildflowers, quick feet, focused mind, and a happy spirit.”  
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