Dewa’s (and daddy’s) UPDATED 2023 Winter Racing Schedule and Results!

Expected expenses to get Dewa to two JNQ’s (Junior National Qualifiers) and continue her ascension in the USSA (United States Ski Association) toward her dream of being a D1 skier/runner and make the Nordic National Team:

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** = Priority Race


**12/31 – Grand Mesa 10k CL (#2 of Series)  https://gmnc.org/event/grand-mesa-classic-10km-classic-race/
Dewa 8th OVERALL, 1st AG. 45:04
Daddy 9th OVERALL, 1st AG. 46:41

1/7 – SW Cup #1 Pagosa 20k   https://pagosanordic.com/winter-events/
Dewa 3rd Overall, 2nd Female (5k in 16:46)
Daddy 14th OVERALL, 1st AG (20k in 1:13:16

1/15 – Chama (12k Classic into 6k Snowshoe)   https://www.skisignup.com/Race/NM/Chama/ChamaChileSkiClassic

***1/20&21 – Soldier Hollow JNQ.  https://www.intermountainxc.com/new-events/2023/1/20/super-qualifier-at-soldier-hollow                Dewa with Durango Nordic Race Team only… Daddy transporting and filming


***1/25&26 – Aspen JNQ            Dewa with Durango Nordic Race Team only…Daddy transporting and filming

** 1/29 – SkyWay Shuffle 10k skate (#3 of GMNC Series)  https://gmnc.org/event/skyway-skuffle-10km-skate-race-january-29-2023/

2/4 – Alley Loop  https://travelcrestedbutte.com/events-calendar/32nd-annual-alley-loop-nordic-marathon/      Dewa in 21k Classic.   Daddy in 42k Classic 

2/11 – SW Cup #3; Butch Cassidy  https://www.durangonordic.org/event-calendar/2023/2/11/sw-race-series-butch-cassidy-ski-chase-telluride

2/18 – Mt. Taylor   https://www.mttaylorquad.org      Daddy solo

2/18 – Langlauf (#4 of SW Cup)   https://www.durangonordic.org/event-calendar/2023/2/18/langlauf-nordic-ski-race  Dewa solo

3/4 – Uncle Clydes
https://runsignup.com/Race/CO/Durango/UncleClydes.   Dewa with Jack (hopefully!)
3/4&5 – Snow Mountain Ranch – Youth Nordic SkiFestival 

** 3/9 – Mesa Meltdown (final in GMNC Series) 20k Skate    https://gmnc.org/event/mesa-meltdown-20km-5km-freestyle-race-march-19-2023/


3/11&12 – SNR Stampede   https://ymcarockies.org/News/Article/nordic-center-events
Dewa and Daddy in 50k

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