My master had a student called Apa Pant, a distinguished Indian diplomat and author, who served as Indian ambassador in a number of capital cities around the world. He was also a practitioner of meditation and yoga, and each time he saw my master, he would always ask him “how to meditate.” He was following […]

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My delight in death is far, far greater than
The delight of traders at making vast fortunes at sea,
Or the lords of the gods who vaunt their victory in battle;
Or of those sages who have entered the rapture of perfect absorption…

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Precious Student J; “I went to the store and bought a pair of pants. I went from x large to medium. Now that was fun! See you in the (Practice) cave!”

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Members Only:

Mt. Taylor Winter Training Special:
•) no initial fee
• ) custom-designed December through Race Day Program
•) 1 30-minute weekly Phone Consultation

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Trust your Practice…all confidence that we bring to the Start Line of a race,
or one m(om)ent; our Bardo Entry,
pivots upon the integrity of the trust and faith we develop in our solo training/Practice…

Abhayasin ilg

pic; the master student of endurance squats, still at it at age 51…are you? 10 sets of 10…you kiddin’ me?! who else does this? get on WF Online Training and quit dinkin’ around! How baaaaad do you want to Rise Higher?

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by less than half a wheel…

you know ilg does not seek the Print…the Media…yet if any of the current crop of CrossFit, Yoga, Meditation, Nutrtion stars and starlets would even consider spending a week training and practicing with unacknowledged Grandfather of American Wholistic Fitness® training?
trust me,
ilg would drop them all within 3 days of WF intensity…
today was special…

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Loving the variety and challenge of WF Online Training! Whew, wing’d angel! I found the video in the archives on the blog. And it was awesome. Same with the VENTS. The small things that we do not get from “commercial” guru’s that have not lived or walked the path. I am so lucky to have re-connected with you.

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After you laid us down in Savasana; after a wonderful, relaxing, empowering, and healing HP Mixed Flow {last Monday evening}, I had a vision….

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