Coach Ilg as captured in Yoga Journal, performing Vrkasana or Tree Pose. photo by WF Student Mike Powell.

Dear Coach,
Vrksasana or tree pose is challenging. Whenever I lift a leg I start to lose balance. I get the “leaning tower of Pisa” look in order to maintain some stability even with my leg down near the opposite ankle. Is this a function of core strength? I am being patient and taking what I can each time.



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yogi josh

I set the intention of running the Jemez Mountain 50k trail marathon last October. I had recently returned from a series of devastating mudslides in Ladakh, India where over 1,000 people lost their lives. I came back in a difficult place, needing some time to heal and reconnect with friends and family. I also came back keenly aware of the preciousness of this life, and with a renewed sense of what is possible for the human being, how much brilliant potential we carry around with us every day.

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computer sitting

computer sitting

no physio-balls in the WF Temple H(om)e office…instead, a simple wooden chair with legs folded into some conducive energetic form. i also use the WF Breath and Posture Beeper Guru Teaching to move my mouse into my non-dominant hand (left) for at least five minutes which REALLY, REALLY BUGS ME!!! WF is all-WAYS in our face when it comes to our habituated patterns which is what genuine Yoga is all about!

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pastoral mtn

to remain consistent with Wholistic Fitness™ requires unimaginable tenacity and sankalpa…many students get Lit Up for the initial year or so of the WF Path, only to waver and give into egoic-based samskaras…for the few however, we begin to feel chronic trickles of the unchanging Bliss of our unique Enlightenment Potential dancing within the challenges and joys of our lives; and THAT is a benchmark attained by only the most sincere and heart-orientated Warriors of Wholeness…witness thus the Word from a precious student in Florida below…. photo by ilg; cloud roll over Doko Oosliid juxtaposed with Grandmother Moon.

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colorado surfing

surfing through the ‘quagmire of confusion’ when it comes to Nutrition – particularly ‘cleanses’ – can be a pretty rough ride unless you’ve got the proven, safe, effective Wisdom of WF as your Path. the thing about “going on ‘cleanses’ is that it sets you on a roller-coaster approach to cellular fitness which is precisely what you DON’T want to happen! what is needed is a consistent, appropriate BALANCE between cell cleansing and cell empowerment. EQUANIMITY of body, mind, and spirit begins with cell fitness. pic of ilg ‘Colorado Surfing’ by Kathy Faulstich

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most people got it all backwards in their nutritional fitness..STUDENT A:

Someday I would like to look at a long term plan for moving towards a diet similar to Coach Ilg’s largely herb based nutrition.


i am 29 and the new father of a one year-old…and if i can be half as fit as you, Coach, at age 48, then please, for the sake of my chi-ld please help me attain some wholeness…i want to the be most supple, strong, young in body and heart father as i possibly can be!!!


that ‘someday’ can be OMday if you are willing to JUMP!
we’ve got a quiver of three primary nutritional arrows that transforms weaklings into suprahumans and it’s very easy, and in the end, extremely cost effective:

here is the Proven Path so build your quiver tonight and know that ilg will be with you EVERY step of the quiver packing way:

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arkansas cloud

from WF Online Shishya MM from Arkansas; “I thought I had skirted
the one that I sent a pic of earlier,,,,,,,no deal. The back end of
that slapped me with about two inches of rain and some 40mph winds.
It was awesome. There is something very clean and calming about
riding in a down pour. It brings a great deal of clarity about what
we are doing and why…”

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Dear coach Ilg,

My deepest apologies, but i am sad to write this to you. As i returned
to work today, my WF Blessed Mala Beads broke and I have no idea what happened.

I have not taken them off since I received them 2 weeks ago, and now I
feel lost not being able to wear them. Please tell me what I can do to
have them replaced.

In light,

Most Noble Warrior Jason

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