pic by ilg this morning before heading off to my 50-mile Road Race Championship where i had the bulls-eye on my jersey…

and…WAY more importantly?

what a 5th Birthday Party Day it proved for ALL of the humble ilg clan today..
my full race report ONLY for Members…

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i TAF’d i was going fast tonight…

i pretty much did go fast…for an old yoga guy on a not fancy bike…

covered a hilly 15-mile course with wind in 36 minutes…

that’s nearly 25 mph average…solo…no drafting…just you and the clock; that’s why Time Trials are called, “The Race of Truth”

evidently, however, in this tiny town at the foot of the San Juan rocky heights?

it wasn’t THAT fast…

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Ilg only has one Direct Experience with Lance Armstrong. It wasn’t much of a moment…yet it was profound. If my personal encounter with Lance was like the one I’m about to describe below? Then, love him, tolerate him, or otherwise, you gotta admit; this King of the TDF (Tour de France) has certainly entertained a heccuva Karmic incarnation affecting millions – perhaps billions – of people, many of them Cancer warriors and warrioress’s. And that is enough to make this feeble yogi bow at the (maybe not so) Lotus Feet of Lance.

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This morning in typical New Daddy mode, i felt deeply underprepared for the hammerfest known as the Saturday Club Ride here in Durango. the route today was Citron de Duex, a favorite 48-mile test piece involving over 5,000′ of climbing. i only brought one water bottle and the only water i had…

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Dewa hit #213 (3 photos)

Dewa crankin’ over the ‘see-saw’ obstacle on the DEVO Kids Course during the recent US PRO CHALLENGE festival…spotted by ilg, though she didn’t need it…my only coaching counsel to my 4 year-old is the same as what i was telling myself a hundred times today during my own mountain bike workout: “Focus on where you want your bike to go!”

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DawaGahti cranks a Sacred Sweat P(ilg)rimage;   The Kennebec Pass Challenge!

“Coach Steve Ilg, thank you for your confidence in me and many thanks to all Yogis, Yoginis, and Athletes who constantly inspire me on a DAILY basis.”

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For ilg? Mt. Taylor begins right here…on the spongy track and field of my alma mater; Miller Jr. High School….my churchyard of a thousand sacred sweats…for this former paralyzed yogi? today marked the beginning of my run training to perhaps complete, maybe even cOMpete toward another podium in February’s Mt. Taylor Winter Quadrathlon…will YOU join me? if you think you have Endurance? if you consider yourself a yogi? C(om)e, toe this Start Line – solo – with me this Feb….think you’re “cross-fit”? okay…c’mon…throw down THIS 3 decade-long Test Piece of WF and join the esteemed ranks of other WF Warriors who’ve accomplished it: Fit Kit, Padma, Yogi Jut, Yogi bRad, Flex Armstrong, and perhaps one or two more WF Students that have taken Sacred Pilgrimage to cOMplete this race as a soloist.

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Funny thing about Refuge Routes; after enough noble efforts on them, we begin to develop a weird sense of ownership. It’s like, we kinda think we are Lord Master of this route and all her delights and tortures because we’ve tested our body, mind, and spirit over this same canvas of terra firma countless times through countless seasons of rain, snow, heat, and hail. We know how she feels as the early morning wall of light glints like a string of pearls through the pine boughs or marsh grasses. We’ve felt the fear of upcoming darkness on this route when Grandfather Sun slipped too quickly behind the buttes and cloaked our sweaty body with a shock of cold getting colder.

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