snowy stevie

“If you lose the spirit of repetition, your {zen} practice becomes difficult.” – D.T. Suzuki…

only difference with WF?
we don’t just Sit…we SWEAT…c’mon…

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Ilg finds Spiritual Principles while Snowshoeing…

after two weeks of snowshoe training here at Ski Hesperus, my tracks – both old and new – appear to ilg as Tibetan Prayer Banners; for each one was made with the Sacred Mantra as background to my heaving cardio efforts…

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Skate Skiing Junction Creek; a spiritual refuge…

“People made mistakes in life through believing too much, but they have a damned dull time if they believe too little…”
– James Hilton – Lost Horizon

My Tibetan spiritual teachers first taught me about “beyuls”…spiritual vortices which exist on Mother Earth but “can’t be found on maps.”… Beyuls, you see, are not just imaginary lofty realms; they are earth chakras which reveal themselves to be a type of Shangra-La to those yogis whose Vibrational Fitness allows them to slip beneath the “Velvet Ropes” to access a secret, hidden land which ‘vibes’ at various Levels according to the meditative fitness of the yogi exploring them. Well, today, this feeble mountain yogi known as ilg discovered another level of Beyul within my Sacred Chi-ldhood h(om)e peaks of the La Plata during a 3-mile uphill skate ski and a rather dangerous descent….c’mon, i’ve got some great pics and teachings to share…

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First Snows brings out Conscious Parenting Skills…The Tao of Sledding and Skiing With Chi-ldren…

ilg’s parenting technique is pretty Taoist, really…

all-Ways let your chi-ld;

* Lead
* Set the agenda
* Feel

my Sva-Dharma* as ‘Dad’?

* Follow with compassion, listening, spaciousness before replying, and respond within empathy
* Monitor the Dewa-set agenda for safety, spiritual lessons, and to maximize the fun and focus
* Feel

some other pics from our Clan Day In The Fresh, Beautiful, Empowering Snow…

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Picture 17

Noble Sangha,

enjoy…and get and out DO! embrace all kinds of weather with your chi-dren…especially your inner one!!

click below:

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it’s a simple formula that has worked for my whole life: Snow + Blue Sky x High Peaks = A Very Happy Ilg!

dat’s Algae-bra that ilg can stand-under! (aka; understand)

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KICKED TO CRANKDOM COME..  The Last Gasp Of Durango’s “Tuesday Night Worlds”

CL’s traditional sign off to his weekly underground emails which etherally connect this Tribe is succinct to this fact of verve; “Shut Up, Show Up, No Whiners.” In evident, somatic testimony to my anxiety over this cardio-flogging, I realize my subconsciously puckered anal sphincter and attempt to relax. Yet, as one after another 3% bodyfat human whippet in lycra roll up next to me, the puckering returns….

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roller skiing

“I’ve never broken a sweat that i didn’t Trust.”

– coach ilg, Journal of WF, 1989

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