Holy High Altitude Training!

rode the passes today for the first time “this spring”…

i put “this spring” in apostrophe’s because there is still 4 1/2 feet of snow lining the road to Silverton, the Finish Line for Memorial’s Day 40th running of the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic

today’s workout: 29.2 miles

over Coal Bank Pass (10,640′, average gradient 6.5%) then tag the summit of Molas Pass (10,910′, average gradient 4.9%), turn around and re-climb Coal Bank…start and finishing from Durango Mountain Resort (8,793′).


conditions: solo with wind…sunny, temp; 49 degrees

43 minutes to the summit of Coal Bank

1:14 to the summit of Molas providing an average speed of 11.8 mph to Molas

2 hours and 8 seconds total ride time back to DMR

total average speed: 14.5 mph

max speed: 45.3 mph

total vertical feet of climbing: 2,171′

here are some pics i took for you…may it help inspire your workout tomorrow and i hope i see you on the Start Line of the Iron Horse Bicycle Race next Memorial Day if not this one…the Iron Horse is one of the Three Sacred Sweat Sport Pilgrimages of WF…

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arkansas cloud

from WF Online Shishya MM from Arkansas; “I thought I had skirted
the one that I sent a pic of earlier,,,,,,,no deal. The back end of
that slapped me with about two inches of rain and some 40mph winds.
It was awesome. There is something very clean and calming about
riding in a down pour. It brings a great deal of clarity about what
we are doing and why…”

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Amazing Ammaji Ananda; 3rd Place AG in Her First Ever Tri = Interview!

Joy gives a much needed hug to Dewachen moment’s after crossing the Finish Line during yesterday’s “Tri The Rim” triathlon…it was Joy’s first tri ever and her first competition as a mother…and she podium’d! Joy prepared mentally using my Pre-Event Meditation for the week leading up to the race. During the race, she used the the HP Yoga™ PROP WORKOUT mantra; “hum SAH!” to get her through her weakest event; the run. Whenever we apply our minds to confront and transform our weaker areas, therein lies the hidden, sacred kingdom of Wholeness! I grabbed that ever-involved with her baby girl new triathlete and coaxed a few words from her today…enjoy and be inspired by our First Lady of WF once again!!! Congratulations, baby!

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i was feeling a little punky about doing a Club Ride this morning…you know, it’s a typical April day in Durango; cold, windy, spitting rain/snow…then, outdoor athlete extraordinaire (Durango is chock full of them!) and devoted HP Yogi Mark Rosenthal sent me the story below…May it also inspire you to keep your Practice strong today…

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1st summit

Dewachen Catherine Ilg’s first solo summit; age 3.5 years old. Chapman Hill, Durango, Colorado. 3*24*11. total vertical ascent: 512′. beginning elevation; 6,512′. route description; Northwest Face Direct; mixed mud/slush/ice/snow. witness account: it’s scary how fiercely determined…

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“2 Much Metal 4 One Hand!”  NYC is in da’ House, Baby!  Student IC’s Private WF Intensive!

This is exactly what a Private Intensive with me is supposed to do – take you into the real texture of a chi-full life…Shishya IC, straight from NYC to Durango for three days; one of which he spent with me. The other two days he spent wisely: chillin’ within the Pranic Potency of Durango as to increase his acclaimed musicianship! i cannot express how important it is for ALL WF fans and students to sign up for at least one WF Private Intensive per year…even if you do a WF Half-Day Training Camps with me and just do like Student IC did and hang in the absolute wonder-land of my hOMetown; your Practice will deepen by lifetimes…as IC found out last Saturday…c’mon…i’ll give you a few snapshots of IC’s Intensive which included snowshoeing, meditation, yoga, and Dharmic Transmission all along the way…

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this is more than my boss…
this is my dharma brother, baby!
over the past year of teaching HP Yoga™ at Chris Wherry’s training facility here in Durango, Chris has only missed 2 classes…feeble ilg is HONORED to Serve for Noble National Champion, CW!

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Shishya PY; Turquoise Mountain Race Report: 2/20/2011

There is a saying…”Judge not a Teacher save by the nobility of his or her Students…” Ready to be inspired once again by one of your fellow Wholistic Fitness™ Warriors? Maybe next February, YOU could do what it takes to yogi squat on the summit of this Sacred Pilgrimage of Wholistic Fitness™…. WF Shishya PY halfway through her recent solo 75-kilometer, 4-sport Sacred Pilgrimage at the one and only; Mt. Taylor Winter Quadrathlon…here is her own Race Report…buckle up! photo courtesy of Julie “PY” Mueller. Coming up next; my own Race Report!

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