Holy High Altitude Training!

rode the passes today for the first time “this spring”…

i put “this spring” in apostrophe’s because there is still 4 1/2 feet of snow lining the road to Silverton, the Finish Line for Memorial’s Day 40th running of the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic

today’s workout: 29.2 miles

over Coal Bank Pass (10,640′, average gradient 6.5%) then tag the summit of Molas Pass (10,910′, average gradient 4.9%), turn around and re-climb Coal Bank…start and finishing from Durango Mountain Resort (8,793′).


conditions: solo with wind…sunny, temp; 49 degrees

43 minutes to the summit of Coal Bank

1:14 to the summit of Molas providing an average speed of 11.8 mph to Molas

2 hours and 8 seconds total ride time back to DMR

total average speed: 14.5 mph

max speed: 45.3 mph

total vertical feet of climbing: 2,171′

here are some pics i took for you…may it help inspire your workout tomorrow and i hope i see you on the Start Line of the Iron Horse Bicycle Race next Memorial Day if not this one…the Iron Horse is one of the Three Sacred Sweat Sport Pilgrimages of WF…

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durango view smelter

ran up to T2 (tower #2…upper left) on Smelter singletrack in 24 minutes…felt like nothing…that Asea Sacred Water, is CRAZY! if you are not yet on it, get on it TODAY! ran down in 11 minutes…swear that 1,200′ climb has gots to be one of Durango’s best lunch-hour workouts! wore my zero-support Saucony Mirage’s…yum, yum, OM~ a Turkey Vulture drew a bead on me and swept right at me on the arete! rad!

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Amazing Ammaji Ananda; 3rd Place AG in Her First Ever Tri = Interview!

Joy gives a much needed hug to Dewachen moment’s after crossing the Finish Line during yesterday’s “Tri The Rim” triathlon…it was Joy’s first tri ever and her first competition as a mother…and she podium’d! Joy prepared mentally using my Pre-Event Meditation for the week leading up to the race. During the race, she used the the HP Yoga™ PROP WORKOUT mantra; “hum SAH!” to get her through her weakest event; the run. Whenever we apply our minds to confront and transform our weaker areas, therein lies the hidden, sacred kingdom of Wholeness! I grabbed that ever-involved with her baby girl new triathlete and coaxed a few words from her today…enjoy and be inspired by our First Lady of WF once again!!! Congratulations, baby!

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i took this shot after picking up Ananda just south of Baker’s Bridge a few days ago after she did some triathlon training. as a family, we then threw sticks into a creek, watched Wapiti Beings relax into a sunset, and just enjoy other basic family necessities. such sweetness in the moment is the Blessed Common Denominator to living in Durango…

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dharma sign

Dharma sign, downtown Durango, this morning.
ilg was able to manage 21 Cardio Commutes last month between walking, jogging, or cycling some of my errands. How ’bout you? Live like a tree, not like a fire.

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The Final (Chairlift) Ride of 2010-2011 Goes DEEEEP into my SnowSoul….

friday was the last day i could ski at Purg on my weekday-only season pass…

What better way to end my formal ski season than to take a Last Dance upon those shimmering slopes with my precious daughter, our Rinpoche Dewachen? so, we did…just Daddy and Daughter…cranking the last few turns of a Heaven of a season…here are a few Heart Hits, both photographically and in verse of what felt to me to be a space and a time far suspended above the the comings and goings of the outer world…enjoy…

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“In this pure land surrounded by snow-covered mountains, you are the source of all goodness and all happiness. Chenrezi Tenzin Gyamtso, may your lotus feet remain firm until the end of existence.” – from the Chenrezi Meditation Sutra which is the spiritual lineage of Wholistic Fitness™
my hOMetown…shot of Overend Mountain Bike Park which is within Durango City Limits with Hogsback Hill and Perrins Peak in the foreground and the high LaPlata being the mountains in the background. To think when i grew up here,

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first dandy

Dewachen, seated to Buddha’s (see Teaching below) right, beat me to the discovery of the First Dandy-lion of spring! No ONE has EVER beaten me to finding the first Dandy of spring…until now! With forecasted temps in nearing 60 degree’s this week up here at 6,512′, the locals are feeling like ponies bucking in their stalls. It might be a super a fast transition from ski racing to cycling, rock climbing, and all sorts of fun and frolic as Mother Earth sheds her brown-tufted camo apparel and slithers into her green rapture… we have a few more spots available for your own WF Private Intensive this summer! sign up here > WF Private Intensive or, WF 1/2 Day Training Camps

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