i transformed one of my students of yoga/bodywork – a former National Champion in his sport – back to the top ten of last weekends’ National CycleCross Championships in Austin, TX. one year ago? his body was like the fabled tale of Zumbaks’ Suit; all twisted and contorted and full of deep cellular, neural, and hormonal imbalance from decades of professional cycling without a wholistic coach in his corner.

in the past 12 months…

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eka hasta

Which DVD should I get?!! I was reminded this weekend by the Pilates instructor at the booth next to ours at an expo we were at that my flat feet, ankles rolling in, hip flexor tightness, etc., is making my inner thigh muscles weak. I know that, and that’s why they hurt like hell if I run 4-5 miles!

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Our Little Rinpoche’s Bloody Teaching…and how we are turning it inside out to help others…

December 22nd: Amma (Joy) chanting the Sacred Mantra to our daughter as the drug begins to put Dewachen into a Bardo Realm…a harrowing experience that no parent ever wants to see…photo by ilg (who was chanting as well)

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it band

“Dear Coach,

When doing your hp prop workout it is very obvious that I have strength imbalances ( right side stronger than the left). I notice it more in my stomach and back. It is much easier for me to hit my right elbow to my left knee while doing sit-ups than it is to hit my left elbow to my right knee. Do you have any advice to help take care of these imbalances?

Peace by the journey,

Coach Responds:

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Impact Injury Counsel from Coach…

Published on Apr 18, 2011 by in Injuries, Teachings


El Coache!

Alright soooo, i was bouldering earlier today and fell about 15 feet and jammed my ankle, knee, and leg. Left SI slightly stiff and knee kinda feeling it, but my left ankle is hurt. i can move it but it hurts really bad to walk on. i don’t feel like its broken, it feels like its been jammed really bad though. Depending how it feels tomorrow, i will probably go to the hospital. My reason for this email is that i would like to use MAP to help heal and was wondering how many bottles to order. i will go through your link. i weigh about 165- 170lbs.

Thanks soo much


Noble Warrior Vito!

ilg bows to your latest switchback in your ever ascending Journey toward Wholeness Mastery…should be an ideal fit to test your Practice authenticity!
ilg has great faith in you! so should you!

just fling the following flurry of WF Cellular Nutritional Healing arrows at the bulls-eye of your injury and watch transformation and higher Learning Arise!

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Blown Out Knees = Beacon For Higher Practice

Ananda’s knee; after a botched surgery job decades ago after injuring her knee while dancing onstage, her knee is still vulnerable to swelling after outdoor activities, yet has grown consistently stronger and is regenerating in spite of nearly a bone-on-bone situation when i first met her and began her on the Wholistic Fitness™ Healing Path…
Karmically; if we are too quick to look for external ‘fixes’ to our in-Jury’s…we’ll simply keep having to suffer the same lesson, until we ‘get’ the spiritual life lesson of the injury or illness.

Need some assistance in your “Injury Blessing”?

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snowshoe twilight

coach announces his hosting of Durango’s first ever Sport Snowshoeing Race; “The Winter Warrior 10k” plus reveals an incredible self-healing gem for our inspiration, and gives you the link to his latest beautiful column; “RUNNING ON WATER”

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(all access)  a WF Classic today = Nordic Intervals into Alpine Speed + WF CHALLENGE TEST!

can i just say that skate skiing for 2 hours into alpine skiing for another 2 is like the most delicious form of high mountain suffering a true yogi can ever pray to experience?

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