This M(om)ent; Sacred Time

Published on Jul 10, 2012 by in Meditation, This M(om)ent


The Buddha Taught us that if we can just feel the impermanence of carrots, a dish or pot, our eyes, our lives…
then a torrent of Divine Joy can fill our mundane moments with the Realization that each m(om)ent is Sacred Time..

May We Deepen Our Meditation Discipline to Feel the Depth of It All…

even the Anger,

the Frustration,

the Unfairness,

the Joy
of It All…

an Eagle Bone flute song drifts into the passing cloudscape as my own life drifts between the Outer and Inner Worlds…

Blessed be thy (W)holy Sweat…and Stillness…

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May my own feeble efforts at living the high, lofty, unparalleled Path of Awakening through Wholistic Fitness™
be of Benefit to your own Practice of it…send me YOUR WF Noble Efforts! Inspire other WF Warriors; no matter the degree of accomplishment;
for what matters is the purity of Intent and Nobility of effort!

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If you have faith, sooner or later it may well be put to the test, and wherever the challenge may come from—from within you or from outside—it is simply part of the process of faith and doubt.

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As Race Day nears, there is no more physiologic training effect that we can ‘gain’ in the last few
days…many will overdo these taper days out of compulsion, fear, lack of quality off/pre season training…
i designed the following Meditation specifically for the early days of a Taper Week…this Inner Silence Meditation sets an astral foundation of mental spaciousness upon which we will run Pre-Race Visualizations and Meditations later in the week…

Use it…please do not share with non-Members unless you ask me…thank you…this Meditation does carry a Transmission Effect from our Lineage;


created by Coach Ilg specifically for Students of Wholistic Fitness®

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anybody else need convincing that a steady diet of HP Yoga® will help ANY Warrior in ANY sport?…enjoy this personal-record setting account from one of my most stalwart HP Yogi’s here in Durango:

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Picture 2

“WOW! What an incredible HP Yoga™ NO FLOW last night! That Blue Light Meditation that we started out with was simply out of this world as I was during that series! Thank You Steve Ilg! I’m still floating above it all!”

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Buddha had been watching all along, and said: “Maudgalyayana, do you want to put out that lamp? You cannot. You could not even move it, let alone put it out. If you were to pour the water from all the oceans over this lamp, it still wouldn’t go out. The water in all the rivers and lakes of the world could not extinguish it. Why not? Because this lamp was offered with devotion, and with

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if you can’t feel the Spiritual Tenacity and Fierce Love of Padmasambhava?
chances are? you ain’t gonna last long in this Steep and Direct Path of Self Transformation through
Wholistic Fitness®…you best just default to say, uh…CrossFit™, or Pilates™, or Kettleball Whatever…cuz
you ain’t gonna last a month in Wholistic Fitness®…i promise…after 35 years of living and teaching this Path which Came Through Me Via The Amitabha Buddha Lineage…it’s best if you just stay away…Warriors Toward Wholeness only thrive Here Now…

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