April Snow…

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  In April you go into the snow – you do not find a  forgiving heart but rather silence perfectly  attuned to the grace of life. by steve ilg published 1990/Pagosa Speaks – A Book Of Regional Poetry by Steve Ilg pic by Joy Kilpatrick of Daddy and Dewachen Ilg when the Rinpoche was 3 […]

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pic by ilg the other day of Tsé bit’á i “Rock With Wings”  –  White Man called it, ‘Shiprock’…     Navajo Nation (first published, 1990 in PAGOSA SPEAKS; A Collection Of Regional Poetry, by Steve Ilg. All Rights Reserved) Gallup. Window Rock. Tohatchi. Eon-molded tufts of basalt and sandstone. Massey-Ferguson caps. Thrift-Way stores. A Navajo […]

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The Householder knows (5)

Truth is hard on the subway (7)

Never stop trying! (5)

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I may never know
the turmoil
you have endured
or the bliss
you have embraced
to become who you are
but I do know
these unknown parts of you
twisted and turned
in the great wheel of life
allowed you to lead me…

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this Teaching Blog inspired and dedicated to my 2011 HP Yogini of the Year; Sandra “DawaGahti” Lee…

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the Sacred River calls ilg toward lullaby…half-naked i trek toward her, flyrod in hand, tiptoeing toward my Beloved like a secret lover appearing as the sun washes away. inwardly i pray; may ilg not catch anything save for the Go(o)dness which is my River Sister, as sacred to ilg as is the…

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Cracked Pot Baba;  Day 2 in the NM Vortex…

The Christ Light, The BuddhaLight, our Grandfather Sun graces Go(o)dnight to a kiva ladder…

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This M(om)ent;  Velvet Morning…

… and now my love of focused fun
among snow covered woods,
pine-lathered mountains, and
high, rocky peaks where only Pika play and occasional Hawks reach their wings into majesty…
reMind me of my True Human Beingness
shouting unheard into my HeartCave;
“Don’t Wait Any Longer…”

so, within the garden of Self,
ilg dives into an inner ocean

each morning…no matter how busy…

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