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ilg would be sooooo totally stoked to speak to you TONIGHT on national radio air waves about WF and all Things in-between!

here is the Link…How Blessed Are We?!?!

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Support this artist and the Sacredness of the Wholistic Fitness™ birthh(om)e; the (Native) American Southwest!

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Hope you don’t mind, I just have such fond memories of your Yoga instruction I thought I’d share this one. Thank you for all you were willing to share with me Coach!

– Ross

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I am the fire that burns the karma of one who is beyond all karma,
I am the fire that burns the sorrow of one beyond all sorrow.
I am the fire that burns the body of one who is devoted of the body.
I am the nectar of…

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Is Your Wholistic Fitness™ Well Lived? Take This Test And Discuss The Result With Your Highest Self…

Noble Sangha,

just like the opening WF quiz in my latest book; TOTAL BODY TRANSFORMATION, i create these things not from Mastery of being a 35-year student of this Path, rather, because feeble ilg remains perhaps the most feeblest STUDENT of his own Path…enjoy…and most importantly; may your Practice Benefit! tell me how you did!

i’m accepting Openings for new students for WF Online Training at nirvanic levels if you reply to this Teaching within 24 hours…steve@wholisticfitness.com

head bowed,


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d bubbles

“Whatever comes, let it come…
Whatever passes, let it pass…
Have no need for anything.”
– ancient yogic scripture
i took this photo of Dewachen Ilg, yesterday at a family Easter gathering in New Mexico…whenever i see Dewa blowing bubbles, i see the bubbles as the quaint, temporary, and countless lifetimes we’ve all chugged through…then, POOF! Gone in an instant…just like our current incarnation. That’s why in WF we do our best to balance ‘entertainment’ with ‘inner-attainment’…the following Teaching really brings this h(om)e to me…may it help you as well…

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There are those who look on death with a naive, thoughtless cheerfulness, thinking that for some unknown reason death will work out all right for them, and that it is nothing to worry about. When I think of them, I am reminded of what one Tibetan master says: “People often make the mistake of being frivolous about death and think, ‘Oh well, death happens to everybody. It’s not a big deal, it’s natural. I’ll be fine.’” That’s a nice theory until one is dying.

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your book, “The Winter Athlete”, is a truly great one; and “Total Body Transformation” is a wonderful extension.
head bowed,

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