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still walking the talk…you can tell it’s ilg’s season! i just get fired up in Autumn and my training stats and sadhana reflects it! NOTE: DO NOT ATTEMPT to replicate my physical training stats and low caloric intake…

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This M(om)ent…

a lot of the times, when the warrior sadhaka (spiritual aspirant) comes to grips with Vairagya (non-passion/non attachment) they mistakenly think that it is necessary to kill desire…on the contrary, ilg is coaching you not to kill them, not to quell them; however, we must make our desires and Attachments go the Divine Way.

that is all…keep it simple, sweat often, sit still more than you sweat,

and all-Ways stay tuned to this Channel…

keeping you centered, strong, supple, and full of spirit since 1982…

head bowed….

coach ilg

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Picture 17

Noble Sangha,

enjoy…and get and out DO! embrace all kinds of weather with your chi-dren…especially your inner one!!

click below:

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Just Gotta Say…a big Teaching for American Yogis tonight…

and so…until the freshly fallen autumn colors surrender beneath a blanket of welcomed snows,
may you dance with delight like the untethered chi-ld that you are
among the vivid, changing colors of illusion which make up this DreamSpeak we call, “life”…

cuz, when we Awaken out of this Dream?
it’s gonna be soooo
that we will finally,

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This M(om)ent;   “I want a mountain…a wonderful, waterfall mountain…”   Dewa’s Santa List and other hole shots from the Shambala of the San Juans

after a morning of chopping wood, cranking Mantra, i had to lower the testosterone inherent to operating such things as chain saws, 8lb Colton Splitting Axes, sledges and a half-cord of wild wood to soften into being a bodyworker…so, into the Zendo i went and the subsequent transformation from Yang to Yin

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Chop Wood, Carry Chi!   today’s peleton was a wholistic ideal to yesterdays’ cycling peleton!

what ilg loves most about being a WF yogi?
the mind-bending versatility…
as we play in the peletons of cyclists, runners, asana-addicted yogis, skiers, gym rats, you-name-it,

the WF Yogi remains lofted above all…fearless of none, capable of standing side-by-side any sport and/or physiologic specific athlete/warrior..yet,

few are able to tread the versatile terrain which is the very yoga mat of the WF Warrior Yogi! c’mon, you won’t believe my day today….or the pics…

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“This spring, before the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic, all I had going for me was not the bike, but Coach’s HIGH PERFORMANCE YOGA™ classes…and man, did it pay off!”

– Champion cyclist Mark Rosenthal, Durango, Colorado

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beat ilg to First Tracks?  uhhhh…i don’t THINK so…

…check out my first tracks of the season in BOTH nordic and alpine skiing! i had a great time and after enjoying this photo essay? you’re gonna be JONESIN’ to hit up our Precious Mother Earth/Father Sky in all Their benevolent snowy abundance! today was INCREDIBLE to be ALIVE in the southwest San Juans…c’mon; let’s SNOWPLAY!

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