It’s a funny thing, ain’t it?
You and i Here Now, again?
Beginning Again and Again, and Endlessly Again until Enlightenment?
According to the Ancient Enlightened Ones? You and i have been attracted toward one another for lifetimes – not unlike the way Moth Beings are attracted indiscriminately toward the Light…at whatever the cost.

According to the Ancient Enlightened Ones, you and i – at whatever Level – have reConnected in this particular Dharma Vehicle known as the Internet, due to our past karma.

We still – you and i – have Work to do.

The work we have to do? Is Wholeness. And, there are 3 pivotal aspects that we need to recognize about our continual Journey Higher.

The most common question ilg gets asked by those New to my Path is typical; “How soon can I expect results?”
Here are the Three Wholistic Realizations Which Must Flower In Your Heart:

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You Won’t Believe How Healthy And TASTY Is This Dish!!!

Serves 4 Noble WF Warriors, Prep Time; 20 Mindful minutes

When i instructed Ananda to start gathering more Conscious-Parent Mealtimes for our next WF Mealtime Guidebook, ilg once again underestimated the innumerable siddhi’s which radiate like bicycle wheel spokes from my Beloved’s capacity. This one, what i call, CONSCIOUS COUSCOUS ACA (the ACA means with Apricots, Currants, and Almonds) has GOT to be one of her most recent finest dishes! Rinpoche Dewachen (3) absolutely DEVOURS this dish with gusto leeching from her precious eyes! To our Clan, this dish tastes like Heaven-sent candy that is really, really healthy for all yogic and warrior constitutions! Enjoy and let me what you think! I’m posting this in the WF SanghaLounge as well…it’s kinda like our next cookbook-in-progress, always accessible to Members.

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ilg thinking

Dear Mr. Ilg,

First I must say I have long respected your astonishing intellect about wholistic training and noble sport performance done for spiritual reasons. Your books have inspired me and my family, I want to make sure you know that. Thank you.

Now…please also understand that I understand that among several other deeply perturbing ‘training assignments’, you actually coach your students to pee in the sink presumably “to save water.” This struck me as so utterly divorced from what a “Personal Trainer” and ” Yogi” should be…please, tell me that such crude behavior is just rumor!

A Precariously Perched Fan

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3,000th Blog Teaching: Durango’s 1st Autumn Snow

yes, ilg has just passed my 3,000th Blog Teaching…as if to celebrate, Brahman with His Divine timing intact, sent along Durango’s first autumn snow in town…may these photos bring a smile into your heart……as do the first autumn snows fall so lusciously upon the Sacred Peaks and Rivers, may your Divine Consciousness fall upon your normal consciousness today…

head bowed,


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Even our biologic family may not necessarily be our deepest spiritual family, yet the Grocery Store clerk very well might…

Is karma really so hard to see in operation? Don’t we only have to look back at our own lives to see clearly the consequences of some of our actions? When we upset or hurt someone, didn’t it rebound on us? Were we not left with a bitter and dark memory, and the shadows of self-disgust?

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dewa leaf pile

Eventually, our society just might arrive at the re-Discovery that sports, sweating, and stillness may provide the most accessible Path toward Awakening and social transformation the Western world will ever see. – coach ilg. All the jobs we do, the practices we perform, the sports in which we sweat, are mere apprenticeship. the real Art, the true Yoga is our life.

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Detering cookin padma

Student Detering engaging several WF Practices:  Earned Sustenance, Non-Dominant Hand Technique, Smiling Guru,  Challenge Discomfort, et. al.  Oh like, you think we can’t ALL be inspired by WF Students like Susan?  Sangha?   We NEED your bravery to SHARE what you have found within WF!  photo and chi, courtesy of Student Detering.  Search the Archives for […]

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How Blessed Can 24 Hours Be? Another Go(o)d Intoxicated Ilg Sings Out…

Grandmother, last night, rising over the Animas River… Each day arising seems to me to be an utter, unspeakable act of miraculous awe…i’m not implying ‘easy’…i’m just saying; Awe… At It All. i mean, now that i am a New Daddy, i read the newspaper (only after Meditation, of course, and never on my WF […]

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