coach steve ilg, founder of WF and author of PRANIC JUNKIE; 50 Meditation Insights of a Mountain Yogi, will be offering his monthly….

Member Only Kiva Call!

THIS Saturday Evening at 6 pm MST!

we’ll explore the 4th Noble Fitness Discipline of Wholistic Fitness™; MEDITATION!

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most people got it all backwards in their nutritional fitness..STUDENT A:

Someday I would like to look at a long term plan for moving towards a diet similar to Coach Ilg’s largely herb based nutrition.


i am 29 and the new father of a one year-old…and if i can be half as fit as you, Coach, at age 48, then please, for the sake of my chi-ld please help me attain some wholeness…i want to the be most supple, strong, young in body and heart father as i possibly can be!!!


that ‘someday’ can be OMday if you are willing to JUMP!
we’ve got a quiver of three primary nutritional arrows that transforms weaklings into suprahumans and it’s very easy, and in the end, extremely cost effective:

here is the Proven Path so build your quiver tonight and know that ilg will be with you EVERY step of the quiver packing way:

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How about some Lunch Hour WF Dharma today?

from 12-1 pm i’ll be speaking on
“Sacred Effort: Journey of a Wholistic Fitness™ Warrior Athlete”

at the Durango Public Library….free!

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Overly tight(I mean tight!) hamstrings are among my most significant area of weakness. They are a limit switch for many postures and some strength training exercises.
Is there a recommended practice or sequence I should emphasize to improve more rapidly or is repeated effort and tincture of time the prescription?

– A Fan Since the 80’s, Andy Shelton

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well, that’s just it, isn’t it?


No matter what.

Wholistic Fitness™.

To Dance our Inner Dragons.

To Win Overall Podiums in endurance sports at nearly 50 and still chip away at tight hips all the while…

To Destroy Avidya.

To Balance our Weaknesses.

To Toe The Start Lines…

To one day,

one lifetime…

Win The Human Race…
To BecOMe

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in WF Word Choice we don’t use the term “I’m feeling sore,” which brings a negative association to what is truly a needed and glorious sensation of feeling ‘well trained’….so, we in WF are trained to say…

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as he’s done from the Beginning, Coach takes aim at the conventional fitness world’s latest notions of Warming Up and provides his Tribe with the cOMmon sense of proven wholeness. Here is Part One of his Wholistic Fitness™ Warm Up Protocol for endurance athletes which optimizes pranic, mental, and physical environments. Endurance athletes following his Warm Up Protocol will find greater power production via neuromuscular function and decrease the rate of lactate concentration while increasing the rate of lactate removal. photo of coach in northern Arizona by Ananda.

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ai imawa

Coach leads some students through the mystically simple, magically empowering Ai Imawa Taoist Yoga Postures taught to him by the Taoist Master, Sensei Kaoru Kishiyama and available to you in DVD, eBook, and package…Members get 10% off..

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