Thanks again for introducing High Performance Yoga into my life!

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by less than half a wheel…

you know ilg does not seek the Print…the Media…yet if any of the current crop of CrossFit, Yoga, Meditation, Nutrtion stars and starlets would even consider spending a week training and practicing with unacknowledged Grandfather of American Wholistic Fitness® training?
trust me,
ilg would drop them all within 3 days of WF intensity…
today was special…

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after 3+ decades of yoga-asana, including a broken back from winter mountaineering and high-volume/intensity cardio, ilg is closing in on Baddha Padmasana (Bound Full Lotus)… give me another 3 years…i’ll make it…ilg is nothing if not a steadfast, if feeble, Practitioner.

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a friend of mine posted this on my FB page…

of course, ilg had to facilitate the dharma and training of it…

what many don’t ever experience is that if you know how to feed your cellular body wisely, innocently, the intuitive, biologic urge toward flesh foods goes waaaaaay down…all you gotta do is get on the WF Nutritional Core-Triad for a few months…and find out for yourself!

not on the WF Nutritional Core Triad, yet? the next 6 months is the ideal time to immerse your cellular body into the Proven Path! email me today!

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First if all, THANK YOU for another challenging, unique and Chiful
class. Not one class is ever the same and that keeps all of your
students in their prime. It takes a dedicated teacher to ensue that.
Last night was off the charts…

– ShishyaGamhé

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we have been spending a lot of time together
hiking and after a few weeks i dragged her to a yoga class. it is ashtanga influenced \
class and although she hasn’t practiced in years she did very well. she said she learned to breathe from a yoga instructor by the name of
Steve, but she couldn’t remember his last name….

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Wet Lines,  Empty Mind…a mountain yogi’s funny fish tale…

ilg has been steadfastly stalking this huge, beautiful Trout Being for the past several weeks in a not-so-secluded pool just off the Colorado Trail near my childhood home up Junction Creek Canyon, Durango, Colorado. i’ve been in my Zendo, applying not only the mandatory Mantra’s for the safety of any harming ilg might cause, but also the Zen Archery technique to catching (and releasing) this beautiful Trout for weeks…visualizing which fly i’m going use, my approach, what time of the morning, my presentation of cast, the drift, the mend…you know, all the other 10,000 Things which keep fly fisherpeople like ilg awake at night…well, FINALLY, the Universe aligned Herself so this new, old Daddy could combine a training run with yet another ninja assault upon my Present Precious Trout Podium Being…the girls left the house early enough and i was alone!!! so, of course, i picked up a burrito to go and a pear (a pear?) along with my Ilg Supreme from Sunrider Herbs…that’s when the hilariousness of the Divine began…

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…when Joy was teaching yoga to Dewa’s kindergarten class, she asked, “Why is Hearing so important?”

to which one very Bodhisattivic boy replied without hesistation:

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