7+ years ago; BRRRRING! goes our doorbell at “Two Tree Manor” our precious home in Kinlani. Joy was in her full-on Ganesha Mode; hugely, beautifully pregnant with our chi-ld…
how prophetic would soon bec(om)e that shout out from Chris. You see, Chris was our UPS Guy…and on that fine evening of September 10th, 2007 Chris delivered our package and – typical of mountain folk – he hung out a bit to chat with Ganesha Joy and i….when suddenly,

“Uh…Honey?” there was a distinct twinge of something between wonder and anxiety in her voice.

“Yeah?”… i replied feeling a sudden wave of my life changing…

“You better get our hospital bag…”

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feeble ilg, bridging East/West fitness modalities since 1981, shown here recently in his h(om)e studio gettin’ his Vagal Tone on via Bharadvajrasana…”eventually the Outer World will catch upto – and at least acknowledge – the incredible pioneering force of Wholistic Fitness®…or maybe not..it’s all Go(o)d…”

We all know that yoga does a body (and a mind) good. But up until recently, no one could really say with any degree of certainty why—or even how—it improves conditions as varied as depression and anxiety, diabetes, chronic pain, and even epilepsy.

Now a group of researchers at Boston University School of Medicine believe they’ve discovered yoga’s secret.

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Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 5.55

Register at Front Desk of DURANGO RECREATION CENTER…

first come, first served; limited space!


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Although surrounded by stunning natural if not mystical beauty, Beclabito has not ONE mountain biking trail, hiking trail, or even a skateboard park, soccer field, or half an outdoor basketball court or even a running track while here in Durango, less than 2 hours away? We have DEVO and DOZENS of world-class venues for our kids to service ALL of their interests and passions.

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so, tonight, our newly crowned Race Director (non-local) shortened tomorrow’s Iron Horse Bicycle Classic from Silverton to Purgatory Ski Resort…where, supposedly, our heroes like Ned Overend, Todd Wells, Marisa Asplund, et. al… are entitled to enjoy “tons of things to do” at Purgatory/Durango Mountain Resort or whatever they are calling it these Kali Yuga days…well, here’s my take on it…

this is my fervently penned Letter to the Editor of the Durango Herald….it probably won’t get published, so you read it here first…

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(all access)  ilg’s Green Chili Stew recipe

ilg’s Green Chile Stew

i must really, really, REALLY love y’all…cuz normally, i’m too selfish a yogi to reveal s(om)ething this pranically powerful! enjoy! let me know how you like it!

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A genuine yogi – born between Father (Sky) and Mother (Earth):
does his or her damnedest to turn weakness’s into strengths, ignorance into awakening, life into sadhana, but… it doesn’t work.

Sure, we might carve out a minuscule release in our tight hips and even tighter hamstrings yet still our lower back feels like a lava rock after our next run.

A genuine yogi – whose Grandfather is Sun and whose Grandmother is Moon:
refuses to take on other’s unhappiness, no matter how deep our compassion grows throughout our practice.

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What Is It That Makes You Feel Strong?

What Is It That Makes You Feel Strong?
Sit with it for a while…

In the Tradition of Wholistic Fitness®?

Easy Answer: Working on our weaknesses make us stronger…

ilg is going to tell you s(om)ething…

i think you’re strong because you have weaknesses…as do we all…and knowing that, viscerally, is the jumping off place into Wholistic Fitness®…

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