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Devotion is the essence of the path,

Jun 15, 2018

Devotion is the essence of the path,

  Whenever ilg challenges his feeble conduit Higher? ilg devotes his feeble conduit toward our Higher Ones…   in so doing?   transforms every one of ilg’s struggles into pure, clean, Divine EFFORT… not struggle. What a BLESSING IS THAT!?!?! Devotion is the essence of the path, and if we have in mind nothing but […]

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A Sunrider® Whole-Food Herb MUST-HAVE Order…

Jun 13, 2018

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If you can’t beat the Fire? DO S(OM)ETHING to help!!!

Jun 11, 2018

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Steve Ilg is in Durango, Colorado. 12 mins · Instagram · 😳 feeble ilg has A LOT of quick studying to do before my volunteer job at the Emergency Call Center (970-385-8700) to help out the c(om)munity efforts as the #416fire continues her Dharma Teachings! PLEASE sign up for our CODE RED EMERGENCY ALERT NOTIFICATION […]

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ilg’s sacred h(om)eland burning…

Jun 08, 2018

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