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Kuddos to my Kiddo!

May 25, 2017


A 4th Grader no longer! Congrats kiddo…you crank! Gratitude for all the Teachers and all the other homeschooling Parents who help make Shared School so awesome for Dewa and her classmates…special bow to Joy Kilpatrick for killing it as the kids’ Yoga and Drama Teacher and your devoted h(om)eschooling efforts!   pic of Dewachen the […]

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Student Quote Of The Week

May 23, 2017


Student Quote Of The Week goes to… Regina! a visiting yogini from Utah via NYC who took my Monday Night PROP WORKOUT class and said, “Thank you so much Steve, the honor was all mine. Best class ever!!!!!! Look forward to participating again in the future if we ever find ourselves back in the area. […]

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Know this; embrace In-Jury!

May 21, 2017


  above pic; Dewa Ilg experiencing one of her daddy’s most sacred trail runs; Tsankawi at White Rock, NM.  Broken bones never slow down a genuine Warrior/ess…bones are our most dense spiritual matter. big karma involved which means; BIG OPPORTUNITY TO RISE HIGHER IN OUR SPIRITUAL EVOLUTION!!! *** Bones represent our most highly concentrated densities […]

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This M(om)ent…

May 14, 2017


Sister Cacti in full on blo(om) mode during a recent trail run in Ouray pulled me off my workout and into a work-within to share with y’all…

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