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UpaGuru Psaki

Sep 22, 2021

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  so Press Secretary Jen Psaki wakes up on these Press Conf. days…how many seconds/minutes pass before She realizes the thought, “Oh CRAP…gotta deal with that MORON DOUCHIE again..” and begins Meditation Ritual to maintain her unreal level of equanimity with him…kinda think She’s like a modern Saint…i’ve meditated for decades under the best Teachers…i’d STILL […]

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ilgVlog127; Ice & Island Lake HOLE SHOT + Vermilion Peak 2!

Sep 18, 2021

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This Week’s ilg Vlog Link: https://youtu.be/lks2KDAzrUA {be sure to Like and Subscribe so you know EVERY time i upload; my weekly “ilgVlog” is publishes Mondays @ 6a MST at Steve Ilg You Tube Channel }   15.5-minutes. WARNING: There is soooo much BEAUTY in this Vlog, we strongly recommend buckling up before viewing! Okay, gotta […]

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ilgVlog125: Dewa WINS at Creede! Shares OVERALL Podium With Her waaaay older Daddy!!!!

Sep 05, 2021

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  Video link https://youtu.be/FcUrQAHBCFk ilgVlog125;  Dewa and Daddy SHARE An Overall Podium With 4 Decades Between Us! 12-minutes.  Behind the Scenes look at what kind of lifestyle fuels an undefeated 13 year-old girl to absolutely d(om)inate yet another running race; this time?  At 8,850′ at the famed 35 year-old Creede Mountain Races!  You’ll also get […]

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Recharging Your Body to Improve Your Health

Sep 05, 2021

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  People in droves continue to come to LifeWorks for help with their cancers and chronic illnesses from Lyme, mold, and autoimmune disease. From Idaho, Hawaii, California, Michigan, Tennessee, New York, Connecticut they come. They are looking for help and a home where they can get better. Just last week I was talking to our […]

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