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Trying to ask for tea without leaves…

Nov 25, 2014


Sometimes people think that when they meditate there should be no thoughts and emotions at all; and when thoughts and emotions do arise, they become annoyed and exasperated with themselves and think they have failed. Nothing could be further from the truth. There is….

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Student Q &A: ilg on Kettle Bells…you might be surprised!

Nov 21, 2014


a key ingredient to the success of my injury-liberating, wholeness-gathering Path of training has been the yogic principle of ‘Ahimsa’ or ‘do no harm’ to your body, mind, or spirit while training. many more body-oriented fitness systems bulldoze the American public with their version of the “The Next Big Thing,” for personal fitness, leaving behind them a wake of non-Awakened, injured warriors. Realistically? One must honor the spiritual, mental, chemical, hormonal, and neural energetics first and foremost if you’re still gonna be cranking your fitness into your final chapters of your Sacred Journey called life….below, i answer a young Seeker’s question about my integration (or lack thereof?) of Kettle Bells into Wholistic Fitness®. Enjoy, and may your Practice benefit..

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80′s ilg on Facebook…just won’t go away…

Nov 18, 2014


in typical early/mid 80′s style, i was completely hung over from partying/dancing hard (probably at ‘my’ club back then: The Boulder Express) the night before this photo shoot which had to happen at 4:30am before Farentinos Gym opened at 6…

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Master Student L’Gate in Haiku…

Nov 16, 2014


The Householder knows (5)

Truth is hard on the subway (7)

Never stop trying! (5)

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