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Jul 27, 2016


  It takes a REAL MAN to kiss Wildflowers in Crane Pose at nearly12,000′ during a mountain trail run!   pic by Sandra Lee of feeble ilg during a recent trail run above my h(om)etown of Durango, CO…     NAMASTE NOBLE ONES!!! i know, i know…it’s been a WHILE since i’ve updated you on […]

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Student Quote of the Week…Abigail J.

Jul 26, 2016


Student Quote of the Day… “Thank you for writing this treasure of a book. It sits on my puja table, ever the ready reference. And once I start strength training it will accompany me to the gym! I was flipping through it when it arrived and out popped an answer I didn’t know I had […]

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Nabbin’ Madden Duathlon (Level One) – an ilg classic Sacred Sweat Workout…

Jul 20, 2016


Nabbin’ Madden Bike/Run Duathlon Workout – Level One Variation (Level Two, C(om)ing Soon!) Start Location:   halfway between Durango and Mancos, Colorado Equipment:  although i used a Cross Bike for this particular day,  a MTB would probably serve you better.   Running shoes.  Hydration Pack with Tailwind. Ilg’s Roundtrip Time:   just under 3 hours. […]

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Two People – One Life Force….can you PUH-LEEZE get it before you die?!

Jul 17, 2016


apic of Dewa’s left hand bec(om)ing a conduit of  It All as she tangibly Connects with another precious Butterfly Being.  this pic was captured by Sandra Lee last week, during a run/hike in the upper Piedra River Canyon near where once, many moons ago when i lived in Pagosa Springs,  i used to watch River Otters […]

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