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ALL ACCESS: SnowShoe Chi…and Student Q&A!

Nov 12, 2015


The world’s original winter sport which saved the human ‘race’ remains the most demanding, mystical, and spirit-elevating pursuit on this Plane(t)….but don’t take my word for it…

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A Halloween (s)Care….

Nov 01, 2015


One Halloween night beneath the Sacred Peak of Dibé Nitsaa…where my childhood canyon of Junction Creek spills into the Sacred Animas…yet, there are ghouls around, ghosts abound…

Round about the haunted 3rd Avenue homes 3 sacred friends go;
i a ninja scary clown, Joy and Dewa both Halloween cats…MEOWWWW!
Slithering under welcoming cold skies,
The night sings and chanst in wicked charm…

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Flu Guru

Oct 26, 2015


face first fetal on sweat-soaked linens…i writhe about, tortured and contained on my bed like a Trout Worm impaled on a rusty, barbed hook.

there are Aliens inside; crawling, crimping, marching, pinching every morsel of my anatomy each equipped – apparently – with some sort of hybrid torque/dehydration wrench. their command center must be my brain for it is swollen in pain as if it’s been replaced by a beehive.

every one of my 17 trillion cells bought, transformed, and flipped into a manufacturing plant of pain…

somebody, anybody; just take this cup frometh me….

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(all access) ilg’s “Better Human” Podcast rapidly climbing the charts!!

Oct 07, 2015


    well, that’s what happens when a great Interviewer like David Rachford gets feeble ilg On Air!   enjoy the show and please subscribe to David’s “Better Human” show!   here are some links:   In the meantime, give it a listen and let me know what you think! iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-better-human-show/id1032733576?mt=2 Direct download): http://traffic.libsyn.com/betterhuman/004_BetterHumanShow_Steve_Ilg.mp3 […]

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