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Dewa (11) Wins 18-U at Hopi Race!!!

Aug 11, 2019


Red (Mother)Earth, Blue (Father) Sky… ilg can be found here if not in the high alpine terrain… love EVERYTHING ABOUT the high desert… and to ilg? it gets more and more sacred as ilg grows older and shares my special sacred spaces with Dewa who REALLY vibes in Auspicious Ways among this pinon-studded, arid Heavenly […]

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A (Literally) BEAR Of A Mountain Duathlon Workout…

Aug 04, 2019


Dewachen Ilg (11) this morning during a two-sport duathlon workout involving 5k of vert…. here, Dewa is halfway up a ski-poling workout  up the frontside of Purgatory whereupon, m(om)ents after your feeble teacher got this pic?  ilg spotted a Bear Being not 100-meters fr(om) us..   “Baby Girl?”   “Yeah,”  (insert gasping for breath) “Dad…?” […]

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A(nother) Surprise Podium!!!

Jul 28, 2019


“i have c(om)e to dis-cover and re-cover time again, how sacredly sweating within the terrain of Mother Earth and beneath Father Sky unconditionally forces us to feel unguarded, vulnerable, unprotected.  It’s just this very fact – derived fr(om) Direct Experience – that c(om)peting and/or challenging ourselves in the wildness makes us stronger.”   – steve ilg, […]

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There IS no OFF Season in Nordic Racing!!!

Jun 16, 2019

Screen Shot 2019-06-16 at 6.52.17 PM

  pic: Coach Hannah of Durango Nordic Team took this pic of Dewa and your feeble teacher at Gudy’s Rest above my chi-ldhood h(om)e drainage; Junction Creek during Team Training on Saturday.  my chi-ldhood h(om)e was about 1.25 inches left of Dewa’s left wrist in this photo.   Dewa crushed the 8-mile out-and-back to Gudy’s in […]

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