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i get the Lead out…and take the Leadville Loppet Championship!

Feb 24, 2015


it’s Go(o)d to feel a little afraid…moments before Toeing The Start Line of the 44k Leadville Loppet..race temp a balmy 6 degrees…without the wind chill…not counting the start line elevation of 10, 251′   it’s a strange thing mystifying… how suddenly things change. three days ago, i looked out my bedroom window at the snowless […]

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Mantra – a most misunderstood/misused word…

Feb 20, 2015


  pic;  feeble ilg Beginning Again and Again during a personal Practice of “Japa Mala” whereupon each bead of one’s Blessed Mala is fingered mindfully with an inner recitation of a syllable from one’s Blessed Mantra   Rarely can i peruse a paper or blog or scan through any form of social media these Kali […]

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two things that suck about the Cycling Specific lifestyle…

Feb 19, 2015


  pic:  last year at the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic Time Trial…for s(om)e reason? i signed up for the Omnium (Road Race, Circuit Race, Time Trial) for this years’ edition…stay tuned to see if i can flip my winter ski/snowshoe fitness once again onto the bike! So, some cyclists have been asking about me swinging […]

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Yogi Squat of the DECADE!!!

Feb 16, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 7.54.09 PM

Noble Sangha,
and you DARE complain about my feeble yogi squat sustained holds in my HP Yoga® classes/dvds?!

may we ALL Stick Our Landings in the Bardo with such verve!…

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