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Apr 11, 2021

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Most Noble Sangha! In your feeble teacher-of-nothing’s latest Vlog104 which premieres 4/12@6a MST at the new Tribal Headquarters of Steve Ilg’s YouTube Channel   ilg mentions this most Noble T(om)e: Hopi Runners Crossing the Terrain between Indian and American Matthew Sakiestewa Gilbert Winner: David J. Weber-William P. Clements Prize In the summer of 1912 Hopi […]

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ilgVlog104; Sangha Q&A

Apr 11, 2021

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  Premieres Monday, April 12, 2021 at 6a MST Steve Ilg’s YouTube Channel; publishes every Monday 6a MST 12+ minutes of action-packed, Wholistically-inclined, and Sangha-influenced dharma via slow uphill and 50+mph downhill SkiMo footage as captured via GoPro at Closed-For-The-Season Telluride Ski Resort! C’mon, ignite your week with coach ilg’s utterly unique lifestyle Path of […]

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Oooops! DID IT YET AGAIN! Overall Podium At Colorado’s Most Extreme Ski Mountaineering Race!!!

Apr 04, 2021

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  Pic by Charles who beat quite fairly his 34 year-older chaser over 4 hours and 4,000′ vertical feat to become the Champion of Colorado’s arguably most challenging Ski Mountaineering (SkiMo) Race; the Tellurando at Telluride Ski Resort….your feeble teacher of no-thing gave Brave Heart, Lung, and Injured Legs, yet, came up as the First […]

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Ai Imawa means, “Harmony Now!”

Mar 28, 2021

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pic of your feeble teacher practicing the Ai Imawa Taoist Healing Postures near the Jemez Mountains of New Mexico. These postures, thousands of years old, were Taught to me by Sensei Kaoru Kishiyama in the late seventies and remain one of my most powerful, lifelong healing sources. You can think of Them as a precursor […]

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