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ilg finishes a Blessed Season with another OVERALL TITLE!!!

Mar 17, 2019

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  pics by HP Yogini Sandra Lee of your feeble teacher using every HP Yoga® arrow in my quiver to pull out a stunning Overall Podium Win this Saturday at the 43rd Pajarito Pinhead Challenge near Los Alamos, NM.  your feeble teacher is HONORED to be on the scroll of the amazing uphill/downhill skiers which […]

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RACE RECOVERY: oh! the sweetness of Durango’s climatic dance!

Mar 10, 2019


Most Noble Sangha! yeah, so,  well, most of y’all are Following ilg on Social Media {“Daddy, just write ‘SM’,  OMG, NOBODY writes OUT ‘social media’ anymore!”}  –  Dewachen (11) so, you know that ilg drilled it as hard as my overly tele’d legs fr(om) skiing fresh pow could muster for an all out 10k Freestyle […]

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Know all things to be like this:

Mar 10, 2019

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  Know all things to be like this: A mirage, a cloud castle, A dream, an apparition, Without essence, but with qualities that can be seen. Know all things to be like this: As the moon in a bright sky In some clear lake reflected, Though to that lake the moon has never moved. Know […]

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Master WF Student Kavik: What’s It Like Living A Coach Ilg Prescribed Winter Racing Season…

Mar 09, 2019

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Kavik is my Ilg-given Tribal Name.  Nickname, if you will.  It is the Inuit word for Wolverine.  As you read the following report, it will become clear why I have been given this name. 😉  It is an honor. This has been a winter of many firsts for kavik.  Firsts in a long list of […]

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