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Parkour at 12,400’+; 4 Peaks/2 Hours w/Dewa!

Sep 08, 2020

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Parkour at 12,400’+; 4 Peaks/2 Hours w/Dewa! what a Sacred HONOR it was to – after nearly 15 years – revisit my old h(om)etown of Santa Fe with Dewa and just SLAM the CHI across 4 of ilg’s once go-to high peaks in just over 2 hours! most memorable m(om)ent… nearly 60 year-old ilg and […]

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Your Body Is A Masterpiece…

Aug 30, 2020

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join ilg LIVE for weekly vLog #73 premiering Monday 7:15a MST Steve Ilg on YouTube “Your body is a masterpiece, intricate in function, unique in its mix of attributes and abilities. Give praise – you are wonderfully, singularly made!” ― Steve Ilg, Be-Good-To-Your-Body Therapy (1992/Abbey Press) still in 13 languages, worldwide *** pic: upc(om)ing Vlog capture by feeble […]

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Love Language….Wholistic Fitness® Style…

Aug 18, 2020

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Most Noble Sangha,   so, last Saturday, i guided Dewa (12) up Mt. Elbert, Colorado’s highest peak at 14,433’… we ran up, up, up…endlessly up…She summited in 2:16.   reckon y’all can only imagine how special, how sacred our summit felt to Her young cells.  i’ve taught Dewa the wisd(om) of never lingering on high mountain […]

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A Classic Durango MTB Ride…Gudy’s

Aug 13, 2020

Screen Shot 2020-08-13 at 11.53.38 AM

  pic; selfie at the famed “Gudys Rest” on the CT….over my shoulders i the Junction Creek (JC) drainage.     160/Lightner/Dry Fork/Hoffeins/CT/JC…i like this direction because from RiverPad it’s about 70-minutes of relatively gradual climbing. wanted to keep my HR steady and moderate and pretty much Mission C(om)pleted. As the Captain of the premier […]

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