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Most teachings are for Wholistic Fitness Members only. Some are complimentary.

Master Student Fit Kit donates big time to my Trail for the Rez Kids!

Jul 29, 2014

kit for fit

Fit Kit, back in 2010 during a private training intensive with me beneath Doko Oosliid, the western Sacred Peak of the Navajo Nation…little did he know that 4 years later he would be an instrumental part of funding my trail i’m building for the Navajo children of the Beclabito Day School, each of which honors “Doko” several times more meaningful – i suspect – as non-natives do the State of Liberty. Fit Kit already donated $50 at my first Temple Gong, and now? he DOUBLED it…see my c(om)munication with him below…

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(all access) – my Interview with Dr. Minkoff on my “Special K Water”….

Jul 24, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 6.26.53 PM

    my 18-minute Nutritional Dharma Talk with Dr. David Minkoff that could very possibly transform your life, and certainly – if you are an athlete – your sport performances…hang in there, the Highest Teachings are in the final few minutes… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oqULDbbLKD8&feature=youtu.be&list=UUR6HYzxibSJujnjbtgRsETA&utm_source=BHFN+-+A+-+7%2F24%2F2014&utm_campaign=UA-709316-1&utm_medium=email

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“Vitamin O”; Kaqun Water from BodyHealth…

Jul 21, 2014

“Vitamin O”;  Kaqun Water from BodyHealth…

The body as a crystalline energy field.
Dr. Gabriel Cousins believes that the fundamental mechanism by which the cell salt structured water are able to attract like ions has to do with the creation of an amplified crystalline resonant field by cell salt and structured water. In a healthy state, our body’s structures are a multileveled series of interacting systems and subsystems which resonate harmoniously. Dis-ease happens when this synchronicity becomes disharmonious.

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(all access) Trail Yoga and Temple Gongs….

Jul 13, 2014


Please! Let’s DO this thing for the Kids upon whose land we live, dream, and make our own families and conduct our spiritual work!

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