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Off In Search Of A Great Perhaps… (Part One)

Aug 22, 2016


pic by HP Yogini Dawagahti Lee:  your feeble teacher of nothing, “Off in search of a great perhaps,” beginning a 4-mile descent on my mountain bike after riding it up and stashing it at 12,378′ to peak run/scramble the seld(om)-visited summit of Three Needle Peak (13,491′) on Sunday, errr, yesterday. see my personal FB page for […]

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Finding Unity through Divorce…

Aug 19, 2016


Finding Unity through Divorce… one of the many Challenges of being a Consciously Divorced Father? Breathing through the chronic domesticatification (yeah, I just created another new word by necessity and am not ashamed) intensities of everyday life. I spent most of my life chasing World Championships in more sports than most ever even try (an […]

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Dewa Dharma… WF Word Choice revisited a generation later…

Aug 17, 2016


that’s D-cat (L)…with Whiskers (aka; Whiddy Fiddy, Trevor Emanation) outside D’s and Joy’s apartment the other day   Dewa (8) spontaneously spat out (as all true Rinpoche’s do)  what i catalogued as Dewa Dharma Sutra#3,456… while we were pedaling our bikes in twilight next to the Sacred River, “Hey Dad, here’s an old saying I just made […]

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The Four Mental Pollutants Of A Spiritual Athlete…

Aug 05, 2016


    pic:   feeble ilg summits with the legendary Sharon Kun during the recent Mt. Kendall Half Marathon. To be a spiritually-oriented warrior athlete does not require us to do stupid things, but it does require us to face our fears and expand beyond our self-imposed limitations…Toe A Start Line and Cross A Finish […]

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