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This M(om)ent…

Aug 27, 2014


Dear Dewachen Catherine Ilg,
you are my Rinpoche of all Rinpoche’s…
being your Daddy (this time around) is my Karma,
the dynamics of our precious circum-Stance is our Samskaric dance…

can’t believe you’ll be 7 on 9/11…

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Cycle Cross WF Strength Training Prescription: Pre Season!

Aug 23, 2014


tis the season for Cycle Cross strength training! below is my Podium Proven strength training program for this time of the year which will have your power chain musculature FIRING BIG TIME when it’s time to st(om)p on the pedals this autumn!

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Spiritual Grunt Work: liberating one negative emotion or tendency…

Aug 16, 2014


oh, it’s easy and for many, these Kali Yuga days; insanely profitable, to get a fancy PowerPoint Presentation together, quickly cobbled together by copying unTransmitted spiritual Teachings from the Masters, and turn a nifty profit on everything from Chakra Cleansing to Self-Empowerment…

personally and professionally ilg don’t trust no Path that ain’t seeped in Tradition and Sweat with proven Tools to parlay those two Most Noble Spiritual Ingredients toward Self Transformation…

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(all access) Q&A: Japa Mala

Aug 12, 2014


pic:  ilg working my Blessed Beads, just like you…i pray!   photo by Joy Kilpatrick Dear Coach, You instructed me to reverse at the Meru Point so as to never complete a full circle. Do I count and finger that bead, or reverses on the bead next to it?Coach Responds: • GREAT QUESTION!!!  reveals true […]

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