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Stroke Yoga…ilg’s M(om)…

Jul 28, 2017


  So, yeah, like this just happened: my precious 80+ year-old M(om) – endured a massive Heart Stroke last night…thanks to Constance Ilg, my sister, being on the auspicious m(om)ent just after visiting myself, Dewa, and Joy Kilpatrick here in Durango, she was Johnny-On-The-Spot back in Long Beach, CA…yup, my m(om)my is still alive, and […]

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This M(om)ent; Dewa fishin’ wearing her Granddaddy’s raincoat…if only…

Jul 27, 2017


  Dewa, fishing with me up high, in her Grandaddy’s raincoat…too bad he smoked and drank too much…otherwise? sure as shootin’ he’d be sitting right next to his Beloved Granddaughter Dewachen, wh(om) he called, his “lil’ Ladybug’”… Treat yourselves wisely, live long and happy, if you need Guidance? Get any one of my books and […]

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Student Quote of the Day…Caroline Eastburn

Jul 26, 2017

Screenshot 2017-07-26 19.46.36

pic courtesy of WF Online Student Kavik atop “Gudy’s Rest” which ironically overlooks ilg’s chi-ldhood drainage…grew up at the mouth of this drainage and ruled with my wolf, Apache all this land as a kid.  now,  to prescribe workouts for Noble Students like Kavik among my h(om)eland?  is to ilg,  great, sacredness.   wait till […]

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2nd place AG at the infamous Kendall Mountain Run!

Jul 23, 2017

Screenshot 2017-07-23 21.14.32

A(nother) indelible Daddy/Daughter Warrior(ess) karmic/samskaric m(om)ent captured in squence by Sandra Lee…yesterday at the infamous and now 40th running of the Kendall Mountain Race!  been racing this esteemed hallowed race since ilg was a kid,  and yesterday?  my own kid helped my lame ass to the finish line and inflamed her OWN desire to race […]

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