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There IS no OFF Season in Nordic Racing!!!

Jun 16, 2019

Screen Shot 2019-06-16 at 6.52.17 PM

  pic: Coach Hannah of Durango Nordic Team took this pic of Dewa and your feeble teacher at Gudy’s Rest above my chi-ldhood h(om)e drainage; Junction Creek during Team Training on Saturday.  my chi-ldhood h(om)e was about 1.25 inches left of Dewa’s left wrist in this photo.   Dewa crushed the 8-mile out-and-back to Gudy’s in […]

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Dharma and Fun Valley

Jun 02, 2019

Screen Shot 2019-06-02 at 7.51.54 PM

Most Noble Sangha,     last night… a Ruby Throated Hummingbird at 8,390′ last night in South Fork, Colorado while camping with Dewachen… this pic extracted fr(om) ilg’s video on my my social media today…   Blessed Be Thy Practice…   {  }

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Dewa crushes off the couch…wins Fundraiser

May 24, 2019

Screen Shot 2019-05-24 at 10.50.16 PM

mere M(om)ents after earning Her 4th consecutive Honor Roll and Good Conduct Award,  Dewa shifted gears… and posted up over 7+ miles over a full on asphalt road while taking the time to help Her lower classmates during a 90-minute Fun Run Fundraiser to which ilg reached out to ALL of you on Social Media […]

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Spring Run In Ilg’s Frontyard Mountains…

May 19, 2019

Screen Shot 2019-05-19 at 8.14.47 PM

My Hopi Family taught feeble ilg, “If you’re lucky enough to be a runner?  Well then?  You are lucky enough!” Your feeble teacher of no-thing was deeeeeeply lucky (Blessed) to run steep and get Pranically high today in a short window of time available between Single Daddying and CareGiving to ilg’s M(om)… made the most […]

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