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Is It Higher To Die In The Flower Of Youth?

Dec 09, 2018


pic just hour ago by your feeble teacher of no-thing… Twilights, San Juan Mountains…     when ilg became one of Turtle Island’s first fully sponsored climbing athletes (rock, ice, and high mountains)?   one quote really drove ilg to do – which remains untouched by this day – things on the rock, ice, and […]

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RACE UPDATE: INITIATION BY FIRE! ilg’s ’18/19 Winter Racing Season begins with an OA PODIUM!

Nov 18, 2018


Pic by Dewa (11);  Start of the Wolf Creek Rando… “my Daddy had to start in last row because of him taking amazing care of me…sorry Daddy!” Pic by Sandra Lee;  Dewa helping her Daddy toward the Finish Line and a spot on the Overall Short Course Podium!     Selfie;  three hours post racing […]

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giving back to my c(om)munity by way of STRONG, SUPPLE, and FOCUSED students at the TOP!

Nov 14, 2018

Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 7.48.10 PM

You know?  Durango’s City Leaders/Servers get a LOT of anger thrown their way every day,  publicly and personally.  Especially during voting seasons. Yet?  By feeble ilgs direct experience through my pioneering and wildly embraced Durango City Employee Yoga Classes?  ilg knows by way of weekly Sacred Sweat that my native h(om)etown Leaders/Servers (who choose to […]

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Skimo; The Tao Of Uphill Skiing

Nov 04, 2018


  Skimo; The Tao Of Uphill Skiing pic of Dewachen Ilg (11) this Saturday at Wolf Creek during her maiden voyage into yet another one of her Daddy’s most cherished outdoor sports; Skimo.    Skimo is short for “Ski Mountaineering” and is one of the most rapidly growing Winter Sports.   The activity includes several […]

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