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ilg wins OVERALL at 23rd Annual Chuska MTB Challenge!!!

Sep 24, 2017


Tsé bi´tá’i “Rock With Wings”… if you c(om)e to race with feeble ilg next year at the Chuska? you’ll get to pass beneath the Blessing Wings of Tsé bi´tá’i !!! pic by ilg on Race Day afternoon!     alarm off at 4am… didn’t need it…ilg sleeps on the floor upon a simple blanket, wrapped like […]

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FIRING UP…errrr…ICING UP the Five Elemental Systems Before Racing…

Sep 22, 2017


  Getting ready for my pre-Race (http://navajoyes.org/2017/09/18/2017-chuska-challenge/), 3-minute full body immersion into a -220 degree nitrogen vapor bath at CryoMedSpa! NOTHING fires up our entire 5-Elements* like weekly Chill Sessions! All the pros are doing it, why not You?! Fact: Ilg will be speaking on the myriad benefits of Cryotherapy especially as it relates to […]

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Another BEAR Of A Workout!

Sep 17, 2017


so, this just happened… another ‘Bear’ of a workout! feeble ilg is running high octane on wild Bear Medicine, with my 2nd Bear standoff with a BIG, BEAUTIFUL bronze-tinged Shush (Black Bear in Navajo) on my MTB in the last month.     today, among the flinging colors of the changing Aspens up La Plata […]

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Because Mother Earth and Father Sky is Nutrition Enough…

Sep 15, 2017


  Ha! Feeble ilg’s girlfriend is now a magazine cover model! got Sandra kicking and screamin’ to interview and do a photo shoot for a regional magazine…soooo glad ilg got Sandra to do the Warrioress Step Up,  cuz now?  she is a Cover Girl and continues to inspire sooooo many across cultural borders!   love […]

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