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Pagosa Speaks; 1990 poetry excerpts – “Navajo Nation”

Sep 23, 2016


pic by ilg the other day of Tsé bit’á i “Rock With Wings”  –  White Man called it, ‘Shiprock’…     Navajo Nation (first published, 1990 in PAGOSA SPEAKS; A Collection Of Regional Poetry, by Steve Ilg. All Rights Reserved) Gallup. Window Rock. Tohatchi. Eon-molded tufts of basalt and sandstone. Massey-Ferguson caps. Thrift-Way stores. A Navajo […]

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ilg on eBikes…(yeah, you read that right, eBikes)…geez…

Sep 19, 2016


For those of you still living in an Outdoor Fun-Compromised town or (worse) city?  A little reference is perhaps needed. eBike = Electronic (aka: Pedal-Assisted) Bicycle capable of helping you pedal to 20mph before the motor turns off eMTB = Electronic (aka: Pedal-Assisted) Mountain Bike capable of helping you pedal to 14mph before the motor turns […]

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Season Long DWC Chamionships concluded!

Sep 12, 2016


The accomplished yogic Masters were keen about conserving vital energy or Prana.  One of the largest ‘leaks’ of our Life Force according to the Enlightened Ones?  Idle conversation and thinking.  Excessive talking or (these days) time on silly social media wastes Prana.  Our words and actions should be exact, purposeful, and kind.  Using sport performance, […]

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Wholistic Parenting episode 12,453: Let Go, Endlessly Again, Just Let Go!!

Aug 29, 2016


the feel of silence the sound of silence a soliloquy for ‘us’ parents is more like a penance for our kids still, we must plant the seeds of stillness… unattached to resultant outc(om)es of our intended desires of their unmitigated Soul Journey hopefully Ever Higher the feel of silence ilg knows all too much how […]

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