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“Vitamin O”; Kaqun Water from BodyHealth…

Jul 21, 2014

“Vitamin O”;  Kaqun Water from BodyHealth…

The body as a crystalline energy field.
Dr. Gabriel Cousins believes that the fundamental mechanism by which the cell salt structured water are able to attract like ions has to do with the creation of an amplified crystalline resonant field by cell salt and structured water. In a healthy state, our body’s structures are a multileveled series of interacting systems and subsystems which resonate harmoniously. Dis-ease happens when this synchronicity becomes disharmonious.

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(all access) Trail Yoga and Temple Gongs….

Jul 13, 2014


Please! Let’s DO this thing for the Kids upon whose land we live, dream, and make our own families and conduct our spiritual work!

Give Back now!

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ON FAILURE: Guest Blog Teacher; one of my Native Brothers and Guru’s…

Jul 11, 2014


…buckle up for a big time Dharma Teaching from one of my long time Teachers and Friend Along The Path…

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(ALL ACCESS)….TEMPLE GONG! Building the Beclabito Day School Nature/Fitness Trail!

Jul 07, 2014


Although surrounded by stunning natural if not mystical beauty, Beclabito has not ONE mountain biking trail, hiking trail, or even a skateboard park, soccer field, or half an outdoor basketball court or even a running track while here in Durango, less than 2 hours away? We have DEVO and DOZENS of world-class venues for our kids to service ALL of their interests and passions.

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