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Escalation of spiritual ignorance….an ilg published editorial

Sep 03, 2015

Escalation of spiritual ignorance….an ilg published editorial

pictured above: my Sacred Animas River manifesting full throttle the manifestation of White Man’s stupid attachment to monetary greed

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To watch the birth and death of beings is like looking at the movements of a dance…

Aug 13, 2015


Noble Sangha;
doesn’t it just seem like we spend our whole lives dancing?!

we dance in our mothers’ precious w(om)b…
we dance upon the floor until we walk…
we dance through toddlerhood…
then the big one; the Dance of Puberty
before bec(om)ing who we choose to ultimately bec(om)e…
which in itself is yet?
just another Dance.
The Dance Is All There Is…

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ilg speaks on The Toxic Sacred River Teaching in my H(om)etown…

Aug 12, 2015


my precious lifelong Sacred River – many of my friends who used to poke fun at me since i always refer to the Animas as, ‘Our Sacred River,’ are NOT poking fun at me now! – is now a fluid ribbon of toxicity which requires me as a Blessed and Sworn Dharma Protecter to dig deep into my yogic/spiritual warrior quiver to re-iterate my LifeMessage since 1985:

The Outdoors is Sacred>Care For It Unconditionally!

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Race Update: Pagosa Duathlon podiums covered by ilgrim-pilgrims!

Jul 12, 2015


“If you want to win the Human Race? you gotta stay focused on Enlightenment. You’ve been graced this Human Incarnation from your countless lives of competing since you did what it took to split the cell…don’t give up your Practice, drive deep into your weaknesses and develop wholeness because wholeness is the foundation of Enlightenment.”

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