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“the deepest perseverance, enthusiasm, intelligence, and discipline…”

Apr 02, 2017


Attending Sunday Service: First Chair at Purgatory. Our Reverend Father Bluebird Sky and Fresh Snow Mother Earth. Hallowed be Their Grace… Blessed Be Thy Sacred Sweat! Feeble ilg reckons that i had to learn what it takes to become an author of several (non-self published, but real) books, so too must a skier, runner, dancer, […]

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Mar 23, 2017


    Spring, Day 3; up,     down,     upside down…   My post tonight on the Durango Recreation Center’s Facebook page: “scared stiff of yoga? or of my reputation? Ha! illusions! be brave, Noble Warrior/ess; feeble ilg was paralyzed…can’t be stiffer than that, trust me…i self-healed through yoga; just c(om)e… Blessed Be […]

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Oooops, i did it again… another 1st Place AG, 6th Overall to end miracle winter racing season!

Mar 12, 2017


  Sacred Effort happened…1st Place AG, 6th Overall at Snow Mountain Stampede 50k…3 hours, 57 minutes of high end Bardo Training! we had to cross country ski UP 7k of an alpine ski resort after racing 40k’s in whiteout conditions…too tired to write more … THANK YOU ALL who contributed monetarily and/or spiritually to this […]

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final Tuesday Night (Indoor) Worlds….

Mar 07, 2017

Ilg Rev Master-1357

feeling very Blessed… taught my final Tuesday Night (Indoor) Worlds at the Durango Rec Center just now and received an ovation fr(om) 22 AMAZING WARRIOR/ESS’s that put up with Coach Ilg’s unique, fierce love since Fall Time Change…ilg has seen INCREDIBLE, POSITIVE spiritual, biomechanical, and physical changes in those Warrior/ess’s who consistently attended my classes […]

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