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God granted feeble ilg two strong arms….

Feb 15, 2017


  God granted feeble ilg two strong arms. Connected to two strong legs via a well-conditioned core and a Meditation-empowered mind all of which was (had to be) developed after I was paralyzed. The other day ilg was Blessed enough to use my strong arms for a fist pump and a grasp on a(nother) crystal […]

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Temple Gong: Need YOU to help me and Dewa to my final winter race!

Feb 14, 2017

Temple Gong:  Need YOU to help me and Dewa to my final winter race!

  my last Hurrah….no more sponsorship $ left…can you help? wanna bring Dewa to do the Kids Race…in Winter Park;  7 hour drive from Durango…need lodging and food… please consider helping me and Dewa (entered in the Kids Race) as i solider on toward a 2016/17 season swan song to finish my thus far 100% […]

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A Wholistic Valentines…

Feb 14, 2017


  Just hand delivered a sparkle lavender Rose to Dewa while she was in school…she blushed…she fought back tears of surprised joy…we hugged and kissed in front of her classmates..the Outer World suspended as we clung two-gether as we have for countless lifetimes…Happy Valentines, My Precious Daughter! I ❤️ you!!! And Blessed Be YOUR Valentines […]

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Feb 06, 2017


pic: your feeble Channeler of www.WholisticFitness.com before the internet was invented, still sitting strong, naked, and alive to All That Is! FB Dharma (buckle up): so…feeble ilg posted s(om)ething about my nonchalance regarding Stupid Bowl, oh, sorry, “SuperBowl” Sunday’s game and how American Football is naught but a $-drain on youth developmental sports; let ilg […]

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