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Because It is what it Is!

Jul 16, 2018

Steve Ilg Yoga Class 6-4-2018 email 23

  Student Quote Of The Week; “OMG!   Your class was like the BEST YOGA CLASS i’ve EVER TAKEN!  Okay, so, like, I live in Boulder, well, Denver actually, they’re pretty much the same, have you ever been to Boulder? Anyway,  I’ve taken a LOT of yoga flow classes in Denver, oh, and yeah, in […]

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Dewachen (10) Already Setting The WF Bar Waaay Higher Than Daddy Ever Did!

Jul 15, 2018


  pic by HP Yogini Sandra Dawaghati Lee of Dewa and Daddy beginning the LONG GRIND up the first headwall of theKendall Mountain Race, one of Turtle Island’s harshest mountain trail races and a loooooong time tester for WF Students worthy of the name…   Most Noble Sangha, feeble ilg set his first Course Record […]

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Nature as Sat Guru…

Jul 08, 2018


pic by Sandra Lee:  had run 3,000+’ vert to just under 12,000′ on techy terrain and?  well, still had a couple thousand of feet to descend to get back to Chloe Snowflake (ilg’s precious Car Being).   hit this peak bag after two days of hot, hard Trail Building and Single Daddying a sleepover for Dewa […]

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Conscious Parenting Tip # 416… Volunteer your Chi-ld For Trailwork!

Jul 06, 2018

Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 10.15.48 PM


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