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Notes Fr(om) Naropa…

Oct 21, 2017


your feeble teacher of no-thing… still all-Ways challenging ilg’s paltry limits in the most unique, wholistic, lunatic fringe ways… and? that is what ilg loves most about the Wholistic Fitness® lifestyle: it keeps life interesting and the chi elevating! my notes from Naropa (A Buddhist Contemplative University which ilg attended after defaulting from Molecular Cellular […]

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Legs of ilg at 55…

Oct 19, 2017


Tis the season… gettin’ and grittin’ as yet another year inches closer to ilg’s Go-Time Season:  WINTER RACING!   the legs of ilg… they have carried my feeble incarnation to soooooo many amazing spaces/places… thank you, sacred legs… when did YOU last thank YOUR precious stems?! Legs Need Love, Too!

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A Podium Day In Soooo Many Ways!

Oct 15, 2017


using her Daddy’s coaching counsel to ‘Use your arms like Pegasus Wings to fly downhill!’ Dewa is captured here by HP Yogini, Caroline Eastburn as we approached the Finish Line…meanwhile? ilg fights the ego as ilg looks at this pic and see’s an old, fat guy trying to keep up with his daughter! Ha!   […]

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ilg’s Dharma Talk at the Durango Public Library

Oct 12, 2017


Your Feebleness…channeling our Plane(t)’s most c(om)mon sense (and proven for 35 years) Path toward Wholeness… (yup, those are my talus-inspired holed-up Saucony Hatori’s…for you shoe afficianando’s!) Yup!  There is no Higher Chill than a Chill Sesh at CryoMedSpa!   life at -222 degrees, baby!     Accurate. Intense. POWERFUL! you are what you EAT! which […]

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