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THAT M(om)ent…

Jan 20, 2018

Screenshot 2018-01-20 16.47.49

THAT M(om)ent when you realize you have AMAZING LEGS and SURREAL MENTAL TENACITY and CRUSH THE COURSE FOR OVER 2 HOURS, UP 2k OF VERT ACROSS TWO SPORTS and…it’s … not … a … Race Day Blessed Be Thy Sacred Sweat!

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This M(om)ent… “Daddy, i KNOW i LOVE SKIING!!!”

Jan 13, 2018

Screenshot 2018-01-13 17.56.33

  This M(om)ent… Dewa hockey stops on top of the headwall, as I narrowly miss reacting to her sudden snow-spraying stop… “Daddy?” “Yup?” “I don’t THINK I like skiing anymore…” I take a Conscious Breath…already attempting to convince myself that not skiing out the rest of my Blessed Life with my daughter might possibly still […]

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Dewachen abiding in Dewachen, apparently!

Jan 09, 2018


This M(om)ent… Dewachen obviously (again) abiding in her namesake Realm, while sledding on her Daddy’s backpack waiting for Daddy to finish a nordic ski race… Kids these days… crazy thing? not too many moons ago? sledding landed Dewa into the ER with a lacerated upper teeth/lip and (still ongoing) head trauma… LOVE this Chi-ld wh(om) […]

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ooops! ilg did it again… poster boy for a Sacred Ski Race Series! SHOW UP!

Jan 05, 2018

Screenshot 2018-01-05 18.33.28

  ha! poster boy ilg strikes again! hope to see YOU on the Start Lines! NOTE: the Feb 10th race falls on the same day as my Winter Warrior 10k snowshoe race, so, won’t win the Series, yet? the real victory? is toeing the Start Lines! Get OUT and DO so as To BE!!!!!

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