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more like, WHITE FRIDAY ’round these here parts!!!

Nov 25, 2016


More like, ‘White Friday’ around ilgsville…dat’s da way we like it! so D and i created this powder trail through the trees which got more and more skier traffic throughout the day…that was meaning-full for her..trailblazing-wise…D named our Forest Path trail: “Black Stallion”…OMG, we had SUCH a great time!!! love the kid that chose to […]

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Purg’s Highest Purpose?

Nov 23, 2016


This M(om)ent… Bittersweet, surreal emotions swirled as Dewa rode chairlifts for the first time with a friend instead of Daddy…what’s next? My car keys?! Om Ami Dewa Hrii.. Letting Go ain’t easy… Noble Sangha, i took the above pic today…that’s Dewa (9) on the left with her friend Isabella up at Purg.  This M(om)ent touched […]

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For Friggin’ Sake…SCREW Chaco Fracking!

Nov 16, 2016


As a child, my daddy who stood on his feet 6 days a week at Kroegers hardware store in Durango would take us kids out to the Rez near your Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Farmington Field Office (FFO) to…PICK UP LITTER ALL DAY LONG!!!! since then? i have established my OWN lifelong legacy of […]

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Kicking around idea of eco-turf

Nov 10, 2016


reprinted from The Durango Telegraph Kicking around idea of eco-turf Dear City Council of Durango, As a Durango native, yoga teacher to city employees, multi-sport athlete and single father of a very Durangatangish 9-year-old daughter for whom I did everything it took to move my family back to my hometown in order to raise her […]

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