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Wholy Just-Got-Smoked Again!

Jul 18, 2017


WHOLY JUST-GOT-SMOKED AGAIN!!! i REALLY have to ride my road bike more often! Tuesday Night World’s put the gawd awlmighty hurt on feeble ilg; 46 miles the first 13 of which we covered at 26.1 MPH AVERAGE!!! what is WRONG with these people!?!? taking pulls at 30mph!? finished a withered warrior but finished; 3rd from […]

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This M(om)ent….Sister Rain…

Jul 16, 2017


  This M(om)ent… Aheéheé Father Sky!!! This afternoons Rain was a euphoric Healing and Medicine Blessing Ceremony! Your moisture is (and IN) all-Ways received by feeble ilg with deepest gratitude and awe! Feeling Blessed and Stoked in my h(om)eland within The Four Sacred Posts!   pic by feeble ilg of Sandra Lee, the first of […]

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One Time…at Track Camp?

Jul 12, 2017

Screenshot 2017-07-12 19.50.45

And so It Begins Again… Track Camp…Dewa in pink, foreground…she pretty much? Kills. Runs like a Diné Banshee doth my girl…     honored to assistant coach most noble, most venerable Gerry Geraghty when ilg can… watch for a Wholistic Fitness® Kids Camp next spring, or maybe even? this Fall?! would ya’ll like that, Conscious […]

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Totally Beautiful….to set more ripples to make more Waves….

Jul 10, 2017

Ilg Meditates

Totally beautiful to see such a great turn-out for the world-premier of my “Zazen, Soft Serve” Meditation Class tonight at Durango Rec Center!! we covered the 7-Pivotal Points of establishing a strong Sitting Posture, eased over some dharma understanding, AND did a Zazen sesh w/adjustments…everyone really seemed to appreciate our time together and the teachings! […]

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