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Student Quote Of The Week: Shishya Josh

Apr 24, 2018

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Precious Steve,      Often I journal after my inversion sequence thinking of you.  Similar to journaling upon waking. The thoughts are profound and the healing is intense     I got to know you a little, but gained so much from you. And still now you continue to help me with my soul and […]

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Week 2: Coach Ilg and my St. Columba Sacred MTB Warrior/ress’s…

Apr 18, 2018

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  Bikes n’ Kids, Bikes n’ Kids, Bikes n’ Kids…BULLDOG POWER! Absolutely PROUD of these St. Columba 5th Graders who were STOMPIN’ new skillz and shreddin’ the hallowed Mancos shale singletrack in Test Tracks after 8 hours of academia and before more homework than most other 5th Graders see in a semester today’s apres school […]

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A Big Ripple; was ilg’s intent followed?…not so sure…

Apr 17, 2018

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in 1985, I authored ‘THE OUTDOOR ATHLETE’ … it sent a big ripple at a pivotal time that helped create the Tidal Wave of outdoor performance sports, companies, and athletes today…and feeble ilg is still unsure of my feelings regarding that fact! Rest in natural great peace This exhausted mind Beaten helpless by karma and […]

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Head Bowed to the Iron Horse Training Program Participants!

Apr 07, 2018


pic by ilg this morning at historic Baker’s Bridge of the 2018 Iron Horse Training Participants…after decades of racing the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic?  time to give back and coach those who want to beat the train to Silverton or better their personal records…and we are on the way!    Yup, ilg literally had to […]

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