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Race Report: 45th Chama Chile Ski Classic (version 2019)

Jan 22, 2019

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pic by HP Yogin Kavík of your feeble teacher of no-thing embracing Rinpoche Dewachen Ilg (11) as She CLOBBERED Her 15-Under Categories in both the 6k Classic Ski, 6k Snowshoe and went on to finish 6th Overall in the Adult Combination.   Her daddy did okay too;  5th OA in 18k Freestyle Ski, 1st Overall […]

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ilg pulls the plug on 9th Annual Winter Warrior 10k…

Jan 13, 2019

ilg pulls the plug on 9th Annual Winter Warrior 10k…

TEMPLE GONG! due to my own personal Practice of the 4 Lifestyle Principles of Wholistic Fitness®,  feeble ilg cannot consciously or financially pull off the 9th Annual Winter Warrior 10k due to my new role as primary CareGiver to my 89 year-young M(om) and since my race pivots upon the huge donations of local merchants now battered […]

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Race Update; 2nd Race of Winter Season = Overall Podium!

Jan 06, 2019

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“The Fire is the Kundalini.  Just as fire becomes bigger when fanned by the wind, so when the Prana and Apana are united, this starts to fan the Kundalini.  It becomes brighter.  This is not physical heat; it is psychic heat, and you can see the radiations.  It is said that a true yogi’s body […]

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Temple Gong! ilg has a ‘new’ UpaGuru; No More PUBLIC Yoga Teaching Until Further Notice!

Dec 16, 2018

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Honored to introduce (or, re-introduce) to ALL of my Mighty Limb’d,  Mighty Mind’d Warrior/ess’s;   ilgs “new” UpaGuru;  Marjorie Catherine Ilg (89) – aka;  my mom – under wh(om) your feeble teacher of no-thing will be taking study of ilg’s Highest Yoga yet;  Caretaking. Over recents months,  UpaGuruji ‘Margie’ experienced her 2nd stroke (She is also […]

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