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Dewa Meets Deadwood…

Aug 19, 2018


“Life is not inherently meaningful. We make meaning happen. The Practice is to set aside s(om)etime each day to c(om)mune with the Uni-Verse (one-poem).” coach steve ilg – YAMA AND NIYAMA: UNDERSTANDING THE TEN REALIZATIONS OF CLASSICAL YOGA *** pic above by daddy of Dewachen ilg (10) at timberline this morning during Her amazing 2:24 […]

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i AM beautiful…. successive rebirths…

Aug 15, 2018

Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at 9.02.14 PM

  ilg spontaneously to Dewa; “Baby Girl? You are so beautiful.” Dewa; “I am beautiful and thank you, Daddy. I love you!” 😳❤️ #kidsthesedays #girlpower #selfesteemmatters #conscioussingledad #consciouscoparenting #ilgswholisticfitness   if y’all are wondering why every pic of feeble ilg and the Daughter Wh(om) Chose To C(om)e Through The VERY Tepid Conduit Of Ilg is […]

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updated: Dewachen DRILLS a NEW PR at HOPI!

Aug 11, 2018

Screen Shot 2018-08-11 at 9.47.19 PM

   your feeble teacher’s Hopi family taught feeble ilg a special word fr(om) their language; NAHONGVITA in English, the word makes for a paltry translation at best…think; “Engaged Inner Strength.”   feeble ilg managed to grab the above pic while racing alongside Dewachen (10) at Saturday’s Hopi Footrace at Oraivi. This race, put on by famed […]

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2018 Kennebec Mountain Race; An Ol’ Tor(Mentor) Bec(om)es A Friend!

Aug 05, 2018


“Great things are done when {WO}men and mountains meet…”  – William Blake pic by feeble ilg of {L-R} HP Yoginis; Katrina, Charlotte, Caroline   Saturday, at the Finish Line of the local CLASSIC since ilg was a kid; the Kennebec Mountain Race • 15 miles • 3,100′ vert • over 12,200′ summit NONE of the above […]

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