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It takes strength to Sit Still…

Oct 30, 2014

Ilg Meditates

  “…many have the predictable (if not obbessive) capacity for high intensity sweat….how few, however, have the equal intensity or capacity to Sit Still?” Wholistic Fitness® by Steve Ilg, because Specialization is for Insects…   When you meditate, breathe naturally, just as you always do. Focus your awareness lightly on the outbreath. When you breathe […]

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Do You Trust Me?! ilg’s Colorado voting endorsements…if you care…

Oct 28, 2014


you know, feeble ilg actually spends a LOT of hours contemplating which people should play the Game of Leading where truly,
let’s be honest, no true Leaders lead…yes, politics. By Tradition, yoga teachers are apolitical, preferring to give our lives and sweat toward increasing and amplifying the Pranic Wholeness of people and then allow their enhanced Wisdom/Intuition to govern their choices…however, as my life is an open book, for better or worse, and for those of you that have Trusted in my humble, sweat and dharma based Path over the past 35 years? here is how i casted my ballot today…

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When Aspens Can No Longer Whisper To Me…

Oct 27, 2014

When Aspens Can No Longer Whisper To Me…

These are my happy times, when the Aspens can no longer whisper their cheers to me… when, lower, the harvest begins to wane and the Bear Beings begin etching their long nocturnal nap beds…. when I force myself time and again to my lonely walk and work to the utmost upon this aging body of mine… There is warmth in the valleys

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Tonight is what ilg lives for…Look Who P(r)opped Into My Warrior Cave!!!

Oct 22, 2014


7+ years ago; BRRRRING! goes our doorbell at “Two Tree Manor” our precious home in Kinlani. Joy was in her full-on Ganesha Mode; hugely, beautifully pregnant with our chi-ld…
how prophetic would soon bec(om)e that shout out from Chris. You see, Chris was our UPS Guy…and on that fine evening of September 10th, 2007 Chris delivered our package and – typical of mountain folk – he hung out a bit to chat with Ganesha Joy and i….when suddenly,

“Uh…Honey?” there was a distinct twinge of something between wonder and anxiety in her voice.

“Yeah?”… i replied feeling a sudden wave of my life changing…

“You better get our hospital bag…”

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