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Guess Who Just Iced 2nd place in Art C(om)petition?!

Sep 04, 2014


“Dear Joy and Steve,
I taught your daughter during a Zumba Kids class at the Mindful Kids day camp back in early August,
Dewa was delightful!
We danced, and then during the art session the kids were asked to paint/draw a portrait of themselves dancing.
The attached pic is what she drew…”

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This M(om)ment….Go(o)d Hides In The Details…

Aug 29, 2014


  tis the simple actions within which a chi-ld expresses the fact that Go(o)d hides in the details… Dewa’s fingertip artistry upon my cellphone’s Memopad…a spotted pony trying clean his rear hoof with his teeth

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This M(om)ent…

Aug 27, 2014


Dear Dewachen Catherine Ilg,
you are my Rinpoche of all Rinpoche’s…
being your Daddy (this time around) is my Karma,
the dynamics of our precious circum-Stance is our Samskaric dance…

can’t believe you’ll be 7 on 9/11…

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Cycle Cross WF Strength Training Prescription: Pre Season!

Aug 23, 2014


tis the season for Cycle Cross strength training! below is my Podium Proven strength training program for this time of the year which will have your power chain musculature FIRING BIG TIME when it’s time to st(om)p on the pedals this autumn!

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