With unspeakable gratitude for these Angels of Wholistic Fitness™ (AKA sponsors) that have stepped up and still stand upon my humble, powerful Temple stairs to help me keep the Temple Doors open for all whom knock. Please, Please, PLEASE visit and support the following sponsors of WF as part and parcel of your training and support of WF!

MAP® The ONLY Amino Acid Supplement that I endorse! Use this special Coach Ilg link each time you order to receive my complimentary guidance. I suggest that hard training athletes get 3 bottles per month, while recreational fitness warriors get 2 bottles per month.

Learn more about other BodyHealth products I recommend.

Come, enter the “Secret Herb Garden” of Sunrider Regenerative Herbal Whole Foods … the official nutritional program of my Wholistic Fitness System since 1983! Get dialed into the same herbs that I, my students, athletes, and yogis rely upon for our Cell Cleansing/Fat Loss and Cell Empowerment!

Specific guidance from me is complimentary from the moment you sign up under me. Learn how I’ve maintained 8% or less bodyfat since 1983 while being HEALTHY and WORLD-CLASS FIT! For you yogis and conscious athletes: use the purity, 6,000 year-old formulation, and unmatched concentration from our planet’s only remaining stores of the juiciest, most powerful, and potent whole-food herbs to influence your “Energetics toward Enlightenment!” Hey, you are what you eat, so eat the best … SUNRIDER HERBS! For sign-up information, please email me.

Steve Ilg is PowerBar’s longest continually sponsored athlete on PowerBar’s TEAM ELITE.

I helped “product test”—if you could call it that—the earliest, yuckiest versions of what would one day become PowerBars. Jennifer and (the now late) Brian Maxwell used to make these “energy bars” in their home oven in Boulder, Colorado back in the seventies. Personally, I’m surprised we lived through those first generations of “energy bars!” Eventually, they got the recipe dialed in and it was my honor to help set up initial PowerBar® accounts throughout the Front Range and Southwest. Today, there is no doubt that PowerBars still retain the highest, most assimilable nutrient profile in the energy-delivery world. I would not trust my competitive fitness to anything less.

I began using Swix® ski racing wax and equipment the day after I skied my last day using leather boots, three pin bindings, wooden skis, and pine tar. And I’ve never looked in another direction since, because Swix has helped me become one of America’s most accomplished winter sports athletes. Even as recently as winter of 2010/11, it was my reliance upon Swix which saw me to 10 podium placings in 11 races including 3 Overall Wins … at age 48. Trust Swix, I do.

As a two-time World Mountain Snowshoe Championships competitor and course record holder of several winter peak ascents, I’m STOKED to announce KAHTOOLA as a new sponsor! Visit their web site to see all their latest snow travel gear.

As “America’s Outdoor Athlete,” I know a thing or two about dirty laundry, and I’ve been searching for years to find an effective WF-approved product to replace chemical-based dryer sheets. I’m very excited to be able to endorse Static Eliminator®. I personally reached out to the company, and we turned out to be a perfect fit. Check out this email I received from the President of the company:

“Coach, we’d love to offer your students a discount for StaticEliminator® sheets! If they use the coupon code “Coach Steve Ilg” they will receive 15% off their order at www.staticeliminator.ca. Thanks for your support!”

There is no WF household that should still be using chemical-based dryer sheets. If you have any questions as to why, check out this Static Eliminator Fact Sheet (PDF).

Christian Griffith, one of the most beautiful and pioneering sport climbers of America, was my high school bro. We used to train together, climb together, and hang out with our even whackier than us mentor … American Free Climbing Legend Pat Ament. Besides doing dozens of first ascents, CG and I would create dozens of company logos and practice our “autographs” for “when we became famous.” Little did we know that we would both become more infamous … than famous! CG’s Verve® Climbing stuff is world class. ’nuff said. Climb on! Check out some great climbing clothing at www.verveclimbing.com.

I’ve always said that snowshoeing should be our Nation’s Winter Sport. To that end, I have a regular column on the USSA’s web site called “Running On Water.” There’s lots of other great stuff for snowshoers on their site too. Take a look: www.snowshoeracing.com.

The The International Campaign for Tibet works to promote human rights and democratic freedoms for the people of Tibet. Learn more, and donate to their cause, at www.savetibet.org.