…mind unruffled
shaking distractions away
like the wind-god
scatters a few
forest leaves.

– Kottitha
(written a few thousand years ago)

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sure, of course, i love running, snowshoeing, skiing, mountain biking, hiking, and nowadays taking my daughter along the sinewy sweetness of the massive network and drop-to-your-knees beauty of the Four Corners trails! doh!

but, what only a few of you know?

i love creating and maintaining trails even more!


i love the seduction; trails beckon us further, higher…toward purer terrain. Trails are metaphors for our own yogic, fitness, and life journeys.
i want to do my part in protecting the vinyasa of trails for my daughter’s generations and many more…

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When Aspens Can No Longer Whisper To Me…

These are my happy times, when the Aspens can no longer whisper their cheers to me… when, lower, the harvest begins to wane and the Bear Beings begin etching their long nocturnal nap beds…. when I force myself time and again to my lonely walk and work to the utmost upon this aging body of mine… There is warmth in the valleys

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spinning outside in (5)

with power, focus, and love (7)

beauty all around (5)

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…and, then, upon arriving at the summit?

ilg had Blissfully renounced all such Outer Worldly thoughts, ambitions, and aspirations

and relaxed like a Bear into hibernation

into the Spiritual Realm that outsiders know only as…

Durango, Colorado.

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oh, ilg knows all too lusciously well that road cycling has its special m(om)ents…

however, uh…

c’mon…enjoy my workout today, courtesy of the high San Juans and

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This M(om)ent…Sweating, Swooning, and Stillness here in the Vortex..

… it’s actually (today) an hour and seven minute climb to the top of the scintillating, single track, technical downhill section…and that is at my high Zone 3 pace. your actual climb time might be slower (or faster) depending on your fitness/skills. the whole 16-mile route took me 1:35 front door-to-front door.

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A Virtual MTB Ride/Lesson…

Pedaling through a thicket of Aspen Beings and a creek crossing… See that smile on ET’s face?! The mountain biker who wins is the one who is having the most fun!

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