Even Buddha died. His death was a teaching to shock the naive, the indolent, and the complacent, to wake us up to the truth that everything is impermanent and death an inescapable fact of life. As he was approaching death, Buddha said: Of all footprints That of the elephant is supreme. Of all mindfulness […]

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Changing It Up:  From Winter to Summer Racing…a Wholistic Perspective…

Confidence is born from Training.

Though i’ve not sat in a bicycle saddle a FRACTION of the time compared to the mighty warrior brothers tonight? Ilg will be smiling upon my aero bars, hunkered low against Sister Wind, snapping my thighs at the top tube, recollecting my times offering my sweat upon the scared snows while ski racing, snowshoeing, and doing the MULTISPORT DANCE!

Wholeness lives in versatility.

Never count out your ‘lack of specific training’…that’s an illusion of the sport-specific Clans…so predictable in their lack of wholeness, in their lack of trust in It All…

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 pic:  several weeks ago…feeble yogi ilg enjoying a skiers winter life in our precious, heavenly hamlet beneath  the sacred peak of Dibé Nitsaa with my live-in Rinpoche; Dewachen Ilg (8).  tis a great Medicine Blessing to have nearly died 3x in this one lifetime for rare is the moment – let alone a day – […]

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  This M(om)ent…with all Karmic implications and Samskaric reverberations known, accepted, and endlessly talked about…feeble yogi ilg still Thinks And Feels that fishing remains an Awes(om)e Dharmic/Conscious Parenting vehicle…if Mahayogi Jesus was a Fisherman? That’s go(o)d enough for ilg…and yeah, that is a beautiful 12″ German Brown on Dewa’s stringer along with 2 equally resplendent […]

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Screenshot 2016-03-22 18.10.32

  This M(om)ent… Daddy and Dewa (8) as I continue introducing my daughter to my sacred vortices of my beloved Southwest…man, we had a blast…Blessed be your day, Precious is this life. My neighbor told me a coupla weeks ago after i swerved my bike like drunkard from fatigue after a local cycling Time Trial, “Oh my God! […]

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taylor 2010

skill in WF? not important.
ability in WF? none needed.
intellectual prowess in WF? Lord no!
what matters most along this Proven Path of Wholeness?
consistency of Practice.

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Noble Sangha;
doesn’t it just seem like we spend our whole lives dancing?!

we dance in our mothers’ precious w(om)b…
we dance upon the floor until we walk…
we dance through toddlerhood…
then the big one; the Dance of Puberty
before bec(om)ing who we choose to ultimately bec(om)e…
which in itself is yet?
just another Dance.
The Dance Is All There Is…

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The earthquakes (which the Hindi’s would recognize as Shiva Dancing) expresses the Buddhist notion that all of conditioned existence, without exception, is transient, or in a constant state of flux…that everything we build – be it family, finances, temples, et. al – can all be wiped out in a m(om)ent; so we should prepare for it.

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