Student Q and A:  cycling racing and TBT programs…

May I ask a training question? I have followed and embrace your book, but I am wondering if you have a recommendation of what to do during a race season (that just started and has ~9 weeks left)? For example, am I cosmic yang-ing my way through the first half of the season then Jeweled Lotus my way through the finish? Or do I just ride my pants off?!?

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Daddy: “Okay kids, stop there…great, now, turn around and say,’BEAST HILL!’…

Dewa (pictured in black); “SERIOUSLY, Daddy…OMG”

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  student quote of the week has GOT to go to….: Radine Dempsey of my ol’ h(om)etown of Boulder, CO who said: “I have the very first fitness and wellness plan you developed for me from 1980 something – lol. Table Mesa, Farentino’s, Randy Owen… You are the one who

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when White Brother came to Turtle Island, this month was named “March”

to the Natives of Turtle Island it was named something more appropriate.

among the Navajo, upon whose treasured lands within the 4 Sacred Posts (Four Sacred Mountains) feeble ilg has spent lovingly and longingly most of this life, this month is known as : Wóózhch’į́į́d = the premature voice of or cry of an eaglet


doesn’t that just Vibe higher within our Soul than..



come, cuddle close to my Tribal Fire tonight…i’ll teach you more about Wóózhch’į́į́d…
invoke an image of a tribal fire, each of us close…stars beyond count winking at us beneath our blankets as the Trickster Clan howls from a far off ridge…

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Dighándíshwo’go bee shidziil…
(Running makes me strong)
running felt more natural to me than walking.
why walk,
when you can run like a Wolf?

until i broke my spine.
i still run.
i still race, kinda.
it ain’t the same.
not carefree feet flirting like Dewa’s upon and across Mother Earth’s skin.
not any more.

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I am now 52 years-old – or so my 7 year-old daughter re-Minds me – and even at my young age i have – through this particular body/mind/spirit vehicle – seen so many, many things during this unique, short lifetime.

So many of my friends have died, passing into the Bardo without so much a thought as to what they were going to do when they could not inhale again.

So many people of my own age have died or lay now at home or in hospitals plugged up to tubes and the coming-and-going of unknown nurses and doctors who glance more up at the clock to see when they can go home to their addictions of comfort rather than looking deeply into those whose lives are unraveling beneath their watch.

So many Elders, including my own father, have died.

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Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 2.23.35 PM

BODYHEALTH sent me a pre-release bottles in the autumn, i’ve used it all winter racing season and well, as you can tell my RESULTS this winter? Yeah, i’m totally stoked about this upgrade to our cellular nutrition! Below, a couple of Student questions are answered…

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  pic;  feeble ilg Beginning Again and Again during a personal Practice of “Japa Mala” whereupon each bead of one’s Blessed Mala is fingered mindfully with an inner recitation of a syllable from one’s Blessed Mantra   Rarely can i peruse a paper or blog or scan through any form

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