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Coach’s Teachings: Fresh Dharma teachings from me nearly every day. This is the “Rasas” or “sap” of Wholistic Fitness. You’ll find insights to ponder, student chi to keep your own chi topped off, and plenty of proven training techniques to test on your own body, mind, and spirit! Also, you’ll find my very popular Race Reports, and news of our Sangha’s (community’s) latest transpersonal fitness adventures! As a Member, you’ll have access to every post in its entirety. Non-members only get a tiny peek.You’ll also have access to the Archives, with thousands of posts going all the way back to 2002! The Archives makes for ideal Svadhyaya, and if you don’t know what that important term means … all the more reason to  get into the amazing WF Scriptural Recordings known as The Archives! Checking out one or two Archives every day or so is an AMAZINGLY EFFECTIVE way to stay connected with your Tribe AND maintain consistency and motivation in what matters most: your own practice! (That’s really what this web site is all about: A Tribal Devotion To Bringing PASSIONATE BALANCE to your own Practice!)
Articles, Audios, and Videos: I’ll be posting articles, audios, and a ton of streaming videos to explore specific Wholistic Fitness Disciplines, Principles, Techniques, and Philosophies in NEVER BEFORE SEEN FOOTAGE … footage devoted like no other Transpersonal Fitness Path to bringing emotional, spiritual, and mental depth through my own and YOUR OWN contributions!One thing I am VERY stoked to expand upon and explore within are the ways so many of you are integrating Wholistic Fitness into your busy lives. I’ll tell you this much: the day will come when the Outer World discovers our astonishingly mature tribe of spiritual fitness warriors, make no mistake. Then … watch out for the global return toward the pursuit of wholeness—a return lead by WF Warriors the world over! To this end I’ll be interviewing students, as well as professional athletes, conscious celebrities, spiritual teachers, dharma protectors, and other teachers, students, gurus, and top guns from every conceivable discipline and occupation imaginable.
The “Sangha Lounge” Forum: As a Member, you’ll get access to “The Sangha Lounge,” a private online discussion area. The Sangha Lounge is the Jewel Within The Lotus Blossom of WF. For here, you’ll uncover individual forums focusing on each of the “Five WF Fitness Disciplines” and “Four WF Lifestyle Principles,” plus great discussions on other aspects of Wholistic Fitness, such as “Relationship Yoga,” “Racing Techniques,”  “Student Poetry,” and “Product Reviews,” plus soooo much more!You’ll be able to get all your questions answered under this vast canopy of WF Teacher and Student Wit and Wisdom, and the encouragement and advice you’ll receive from me and your fellow students will accelerate your progress as you develop your Wholistic Fitness practice.
The Journal of Wholistic Fitness: Long before the rise of Internet, a print newsletter called The Journal of Wholistic Fitness was the primary and colorful way I Transmitted my teachings to my students. The Journal is back! And this time we’re saving Tree Beings!Four times a year, you’ll receive The Journal of WF in PDF form. Each issue will contain the deepest kernels of that season’s articles, essays, and photos from the Wholistic Fitness site, as well as some very cool surprises (hint, hint: coupons for WF Tribal Gatherings, catalog purchases, and more)!
Monthly “Dharma Call” Webinars: This has been my most requested Service Enhancement. Thus Spoken, Thus It Shall Be! Each month we’ll all get together online (you can call in too) and explore a specific WF Discipline, Teaching, Technique, or Philosophy in depth. We’ll cover everything from the esoteric to the practical, from the history of transpersonal fitness to what to eat during a long race.Pay attention and you’ll learn new things … no matter how many times you’ve read my books (because I’m still learning … after nearly five decades on this path)! After each month’s lecture, we’ll all chill for Q&A (some of these sessions will go really long, I suspect). Each webinar will be recorded, and posted on the site for streaming or download any time you want.
Tribal Pro Shop Discount: As a Wholistic Fitness Member, you’ll receive an ongoing 10% discount on everything in the Tribal Pro Shop! If you have not yet visited this Grande Teepee along the WF Path? Well, enter, Noble Warrior and find an online store filled with utterly unique, proprietary Steve Ilg products that will help you understand and practice Wholeness Through Personal Fitness!You’ll find all of my books as well as e-books, DVDs, lecture and meditation MP3s, and CDs, including products that reveal secrets and techniques previously only available to students in my higher-cost private coaching programs. Clothing, gear, and spiritual tools round out the selection. The discount applies to everything in the shop, including Online Coaching, Private Consultations, Private Intensives, Personal Retreats, Training Camps, and Tribal Gatherings!

Help and Encouragement
Anytime You Need It

Becoming a Member is a super inexpensive way for you to stay in immediate contact with a World Class Athlete, internationally acclaimed Yoga Teacher, Dharma Protector, book author, conscious parent, and fitness monk … to ensure your own training all-ways (and I do mean, all-Ways) stays on a far Higher, Wiser, and Spiritual fitness track than all the rest. I promise! All for a fraction of what conventional online coaching students pay for automatically downloaded, sterile programs (from far less experienced, far less versatile coaches who bring no spiritual dimension to the training whatsoever)!

If you’ve read any of my books and have been struggling to take action on a consistent basis, it’s probably because you’re trying to walk up this steep path all alone.

Here’s the good news: as a Member you’ll have access to the collective wisdom of the entire Wholistic Fitness community. Help and encouragement will always be only a few mouse clicks away. There’s just not anywhere else on the web for you to get the sort of information and support you’ll have access to here.

Just ask any of my students: they will undoubtedly say the same thing, “We’re your Tribe! We’ve been waiting for you, Oh Noble Warrior! Join us!” Don’t waste this precious lifetime on any Path lower than the Highest; the Path of Wholistic Fitness!

(Note: Wholistic Fitness is a Western, modern manifestation of an ancient, mountain yogic Path known as “Navanda Yoga.”  If WF sounds ‘eerily familiar’ to you? Well, welcome back to your Tribe!)

A Great Value

Dues are only $15.50/month (or $155/year).

When you consider that my private training clients in Los Angeles paid me $200+ per hour for a single training session, I think you’ll see the value here.

Your dues will help me in my Noble Effort to bring world-class Wholeness Training to the “conventionally trained.” (Sure, I could be making a lot more money private training, yet my Sva-Dharma has all-ways been in the distance Transmission of Wholeness. Thus it shall remain.)

Your membership dues will fuel many Noble Efforts … including my dream of creating a Wholistic Fitness Institute, and making Wholistic Fitness the National Training System of the United States!

Can you imagine our chi-ldren going to school with a curriculum that includes time each day to explore one of the Wholistic Fitness Disciplines?

  • Monday: Strength Training
  • Tuesday: Cardio
  • Wednesday: Yoga
  • Thursday: Meditation
  • Friday: Nutrition and Lifestyle Principles

Can you imagine how your OWN life would have been positively impacted had you started practicing Wholistic Fitness as a child? Our nation needs Balanced Fitness and a return toward Wholeness, and your small membership fee each month will be a pivotal action toward my bringing about such an Awakening on a Global Scale.

My Promise to You

I’m so confident you’re going to love being a Wholistic Fitness Member that I’ll take all the risk. If you’re not happy within your first 30 days as a Member, just let us know and I’ll issue you a full refund.

The only thing I ask is that you actually take action and try implementing what you learn. Just sitting at your computer all day will not improve your life or sport performance. In order to get results, you need to study and absorb everything I have to offer you … and then take action!

Just click the button below to get started … let’s DO this thang!
See you within the Sacred Kiva …

Head bowed,

Coach Steve Ilg, RYT/USCF/CPT
Founder, Wholistic Fitness™ and High Performance Yoga™

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A Social Network that Gets Me Out the Door

“The Wholistic Fitness web site, books, and teachings are a part of a social network that I can’t find in my hometown—and this network is one of the things that gets me out the door to run on days when it’s raining/sleeting (or, if I’m lucky, snowing).”

– Roy Ramthun, West Virginia

Something Unique

“The #1 reason that I return to is to be a part of something special, something unique. Be it the postings on the DL, the Sangha Lounge or the products in the Pro Shop, all things WF inspire me to keep pushing, keep striving, and never give up. I look forward to starting my day with a fresh dose of DL and sharing my TAF’s in the Lounge.”

– Roberto Crespo, Pasadena, CA

A Constant Source of Thought-Provoking Material

“Direct Lines gives me inspiration during the work day (shhhhhh) and also provide nuggets for me to focus on for the day, week, month … And since I’m new – the archives provide a constant source of thought provoking material for when I’m feeling like I need a chi hit. It never fails that the thing I click on applies perfectly to me in that m(om)ent. No coincidence there.”

– Chris Kasar, Flagstaff, AZ

Changed the Way I Train and Look at Training

“I had never purchaed any thing like Direct Lines before, but it has truly changed the way I train and look at training. It’s really a book of its own.”

– Merton Woolard, Linden, NC

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