Blessed Training Mala

Blessed Training MalasThe hallmark of a WF Yogin, the WF Training Mala is our 24/7 go-to Mala that we wear constantly to reMind ourselves that “Our Workout Is Everywhere,” and to be a brave, outward Light that says to others, “I am yogi, Seeker of Union, I work on myself to benefit all others.” The more you sweat and sit in these Training Mala’s the more profound their power.

This beautiful 108 sandalwood Mala Bead necklace will come to you fully saturated on Coach Ilg’s personal puja table. Once your order is placed, Coach performs a special 3-day WF Empowerment Ritual to transmit the worldwide and lineage siddhis of the WF and Mountain Yogi Pranic Force into your personal beads. Ideal for both meditation work and for everyday wear around the neck or(left) wrist. No WF Warrior should be without WF Mala Beads!

Proceeds help support Tibetan refugees in Nepal,Tibet, and India. A percentage of proceeds also supports Coach Ilg’s Tibetan Teachers and Stupa.

What Students say:

A Very Strong Presence
“Thank you for the mala beads and the materials that came with them. The beads seem to have a very strong presence, and I feel the WF connection and the love that you’ve placed in them. I will do my very best to honor what you’ve done on my behalf.”
Student Michael Thompson

Could Feel Them Pulse
“Coach, oh yes they arrived could feel them pulse from from the mailbox before I even opened the latch. A very powerful activation toward new levels of empowerment indeed.Thank you so much steeped in the wholly sweat.”

“The WF Blessed Mala Beads arrived yesterday and one word sums up my reaction, WOW! i’m humbled by the loving Pranic Force that vibrates from the Mala. i shell cherish and honor this sacred reMinder that “Our Workout Is Everywhere” and ” i am yogi, Seeker of Union, i work on myself to benefit all others”. i love the bed of needles that accompanied the Mala, are they Ponderosa? In gratitude …”
Sue B.


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