Iron Temple Teachings Video: The transformational strength training techniques of Wholistic Fitness

Train your body to train your mind …

My Revolutionary Wholistic Fitness Strength Training Techniques Transform Commonplace “Weight Lifting” into a Deep Spiritual Practice that will Demolish Your Ego as Quickly as it Builds Your Muscles

Iron Temple TeachingsIf you’ve ever struggled to learn or master any of the unique Wholistic Fitness strength training techniques (or ever scratched your head, wondering if you were doing them “correctly”), then I have some great news for you.

Where most athletes see machines and dumbells, my students and I see elemental iron. A mere “Strength Room” becomes an “Iron Temple,” and all sorts of magical transformations happen inside. You see, an Iron Temple is a place just as sacred as a yoga studio or a Zendo! It’s all a matter of perspective.

In this “Iron Temple Teachings” video you’ll witness my revolutionary transpersonal approach to strength training in action. You’ll see me and Ananda crank out reps the Wholistic Fitness way, just as if you were standing there beside us. It’s a behind-the-door glimpse into a powerful practice that improves your body’s structure and function while simultaneously allowing you to practice mindfulness and cultivate focus. Seriously, the chi off this thing is as intense as a set of 1-minute jump squats!

Each time you watch the video, more and more Wholistic Fitness strength training secrets will reveal themselves to you:

  • The counter-intuitive benefits of prioritizing elegance over resistance.
  • The natural lifting rhythm that develops as you move through the three phases (yin, yang, and neutral) of each repetition.
  • The benefits of merging your movement with your breath.
  • How to transform sterile and predictable gym workouts into a colorful explosion of inner and outer strength
  • What a weight room has in common with a swimming pool or a ski slope
  • How i transform strength training from a mere physical practice to a “protection of the mind” that allows the spiritual journey and personal growth to begin.

To be clear, this video is not about the bio-mechanics of strength training movements. It’s about my proprietary stimulative and recovery phase techniques that can be used across all strength training movements.

You’ll see demonstrations of the techniques themselves:

Stimulative Phase Techniques (Done DURING a set)

  • Staccato Technique™ to enhance blood flow in muscle tissue/prevent hypoxic mechanisms and teach elegance through difficulty.
  • Three-Stage Technique™ to improve mental focus, lifting form, and postural awareness.
  • Shivaya Technique™ to pre-exhaust/fatigue a specific muscle at its strongest contractile range (and destroy the ego in the process).
  • Envelope Technique™ to increase muscular endurance/deep fiber recruitment and to teach perseverance and mental stamina.
  • Swan Medicine Technique™ to increase mental concentration while promoting muscular endurance and isometric strength.

Recovery Phase Techniques (Done BETWEEN sets)

  • Entré Nous to maintain a connection with the weights on a physical level to access the spiritual level, keep the mind with the muscle, and provide an anchor for the mind.
  • Kin-Hin to bring mindful awareness as you walk between sets.
  • Ku Top Form and Bottom Form to continue to contract your musculature even as you rest between sets.

You’ll also learn:

  • Why a simple stopwatch is an instrumental part of a Wholistic Fitness strength training practice
  • The benefit of sharing your Wholistic Fitness strength training with a partner
  • Exactly when most people get hurt in the weight room (and how to avoid it)
  • How every movement and machine in the Iron Temple has a spiritual life
  • (and how it can take months or years to really dive into each machine and movement to cultivate the spiritual essence of each one). How Wholistic Fitness techniques transform a room full of sterile machines into a very fluid spiritual workshop

Then … watch a short and powerful ITT (Iron Temple Teaching) full-body sampler workout.

You’ll also see:

  • How to use the Wholistic Fitness strength training techniques to deepen your training effect within your own Iron Temple.
  • How a yogi needs to use intuition to compensate for strength machines built for football players.
  • Ananda focusing as fiercely between sets as she does during them (the secret key to creating your own Iron Temple out of a common weight room).
  • The principle of “less is more” in action … when Ananda spontaneously prioritizes elegance over resistance (you go girl)!
  • The multitude of ways I’ve been “confusing muscle” since 1982.
  • How 2-Bench Triceps Dips (and the 3 “escape plans”) teach the art of perseverance in one minute (if you’ve tried this you know it works).

But wait, there’s more …

You’ll also hear Ananda’s take on the Iron Temple and how it’s helped her as a new mother. Then you’ll see me do 3-Stage Technique with my daughter Dewa instead of weights!

One video, a lifetime of possibilities to explore.

The real benefit of learning and mastering the Wholistic Fitness strength training techniques taught in Iron Temple Teachings will come after a few viewings. You’ll discover that the stimulative and recovery phase techniques taught on the video can be combined with any strength training movements in creative ways, for an infinite choreography of mindful movement.

Join me in the Iron Temple.

Until now, “in-person” coaching on my strength training techniques has only been available to my private students … for hundreds of dollars. Ask any of them, and they’ll tell you that actually watching me work out was pretty eye opening.

Wholistic Fitness strength training is different. It looks different. It sounds different. It feels different. You gotta experience it to understand it!

Watching a video isn’t quite the same as being there in the gym with me, but it’s close … and it’s a lot less expensive.

After you order you’ll receive an email with a link to download the MP4 file. We currently fulfill all orders manually, so it may be a day or two if I’m away training or racing. Thank you for your Practice of Patience!


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