Stream Entry Lecture and Meditation Audio


The classic gate entrance into the colorful transformation of coach ilg’s Wholistic Fitness Path. Studio taped in Durango, Colorado in the early nineties, this priceless audio teaching has opened divine awakenings of what genuine spiritual fitness means to hundreds of fitness warriors.

For many, this Teaching is a first time in Guided Meditation, as Coach himself takes your astral hand and leads you along the fundamental chakral vortices along the subtle spine. The 27-minute dharma lecture is classic, and the 27-minute meditation is a fantastic inner workout that carries a powerful Transmission straight from the Big Chief of the Small, yet Fierce Tribe of Wholistic Fitness Warriors.

You’ll receive an email with a link to download the MP3 files. We currently fulfill all orders manually, so it may be a day or two if I’m away training or racing. Thank you for your Practice of Patience!

What Students Say

“I’ve listened to this Teaching countless times on my way to work. Doing so never fails to bring my body and mind into such a balanced state, I can’t imagine not having this Teaching within me! Thanks, Coach!”
Dr. SS


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